So…how was your (insert holiday here)?

My family gets together on what my calander tells me is “Christmas Eve” to give gifts and all that. This year was an odd one for me because my brother and his girlfriend got me a laptop computer, and I got them a $30 graphic novel.

Anyway, the laptop is awesome for me because now I can write anywhere. I mean, I can type anywhere, but that’s really the only writing I do anymore. They also got me a network card, so if I’m at a place with free wi-fi, I can get on these inturwebs, which means hopefully more blog posts from me. So, the laptop is kind of a gift for the rest of you, too! 😛

Oh, I also got a digital camera, which will lead to a couple of new things for this blog, too, I hope. We’ll see.

The only bad thing about the holiday was that, on midnight of December 25th, I came down with a really nasty stomach flu, so I spent the day in bed. Oh well. Could have been worse.

3 Responses to “So…how was your (insert holiday here)?”

  1. That definitely is a gift to us all.

  2. BTW, I was making fun of you today for referring to a laptop as a “laptop computer.” Get with the times, chum! 🙂

    Hope you found plenty of places to internet. Looks like at least one of the Panera Bread stores have wi-fi.

    Also, Cafe Momus apparently has the intarwebs (and probably the youtubes as well). It’s a nice little cafe in Akron, if you’ve never been. Kinda far from Highland Square.. It’s up by Akron U.


  3. Cool! Mugzwiggz in Canton also has free wi-fi, so I’ll have to take my laptop computing machine there!

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