Happy Belated New Year!

Only a couple of days late, too! This New Year’s Eve, the otter and I went to Port Clinton, Ohio, to watch the walleye drop. It was more fun that you would think!

We saw lots of little shops, saw a fish drop from the sky, and watched the mayor of Port Clinton hand the reigns over to the mayor-elect (who is apparently, among other things, a black-belt in karate).

The otter and the walleye.

The otter and the AWESOME Doctor Who pinball machine
PC 2

Various revelers

Wylie the Walleye!!!

The most surreal part of the whole night (which, I’ll remind you, included the dropping of a giant fish from the sky) was the cheer to Walmart, the corporate sponsor. The whole night had sort of an H.P. Lovecraft strangeness to it…citizens of a small portside town gathering together to stare at a giant fish.

Still, I’d do it again.


5 Responses to “Happy Belated New Year!”

  1. That looks like a lot of fun.

    But holy crap, a Doctor Who pinball table? Holy hell, it’s even got the Dalek head! I haven’t seen one of those in years; it’s almost too awesome for words.

  2. I love Dr. Who and I am all googly eyed over that pinball machine. Wow.. Happy New Year.

  3. A giant fish? This is festival I need to attend.

  4. About the pinball…the otter used to work at Cedar Point (which is not too far from Port Clinton), and there was a Doctor Who pinball game in the staff lounge there…so the North Coast of Ohio must be the retirement village for these things!

  5. Lol

    ‘And they’re gonna drop a big fish…’

    ‘That is correct.’

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