Wasted Time

Well, tomorrow, I go back to work after a 2-week break (The Writing Center opens in another week, but I’m going in to file paperwork and do some other clerical things). I promised myself that I would write at least 5 days a week during my unpaid “vacation.”

Move ahead two weeks and one measly page of script later, and I realise that I wasted an opportunity to get into the habit of writing.

So, what did I accomplish during the break? Well:

I watched all 25 episodes of Robotech: New Generation.
I watched 3/4 of the 1st season of Heroes.
I beat Robotech: Invasion on the XBox.
I beat X-Men Legends on the XBox.
I started reading X-Men: Watchers on the Walls by Christopher L. Bennett.
I started reading a collection of writings by C.G. Jung.
I started reading How to Write for Animation by Jeffrey Scott.
I attempted (and failed thus far) to repeat my initial success at lucid dreaming.

And that’s really it, besides the Walleye Drop and posting videos on the blog.

I’m actually kind of dissappointed in myself. I really intended to get some writing done. It’s just that there always seemed to be something in my way. I frequently forgot my flash drive with my stuff I’m working on when I had my computer, or I was just without my computer. I always seemed to have somewhere I had to be. I was sick. I don’t know. I always have some excuse.

Well, hopefully, starting tomorrow (new week and all) I will start getting motivated to write. Or maybe after I beat X-Men Legends II.


3 Responses to “Wasted Time”

  1. I use this site to help me not waste so much time.


    I can set different positive items, like working out, eating healthy, posting artwork to my blog, or drawing in my sketchbook; and negative items like eating out, spending too much time on the internet or buying unnecessary things.

    Maybe when you run out of Heroes to watch, you’ll start writing again. :p

  2. I so hear you

    I have all these daily goals on a schedule that i was supposed to start this weekend, and so far I’ve pretty much frittered monday and tuesday away.

    I’m gonna pretend to hit the reset button and start fresh tomorrow.


  3. At least you have goals, Jay. I don’t have a modicum of motivation at the moment. I am so uninspired and bored.

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