The Fix is in? II

They’ve done it again: the news media are excluding Kucinich.

The short form-NBC set criteria for the debate on Tuesday, January 15th. Kucinich met the criteria, including that he must have a 4th place showing “in a national poll”. He placed 4th in the USA/Gallup poll. He was even sent an official invitation. Then, NBC decided to only allow 3 candidates to debate.

This is happening too many times to be a coincidence. If Kucinich is such an insignificant little man, why do the networks and news outlets seem so afraid of him?

4 Responses to “The Fix is in? II”

  1. do you really think he has a snowball’s chance in hell though?

    Maybe they’re looking at it from a time perspective. People want to hear more from the three front-runners cus a lot of people are thinking it’s one of them who’s going to be our president next January.

  2. Honestly, I don’t think he has a chance, but he does have a right to speak, and the fact that it seems that the media keeps telling me that I don’t want to hear what he has to say makes me suspicious.

    ESPECIALLY since, as much as they all like to say “I’m not like her because…” “I’m not like him because…,” the three top-runners voted for a lot of the issues that they claim they are against, while Kucinich was often the dissenting opinion. He needs to be heard, if only to give the public something to think about.

  3. yeah, that’s a valid point. And I guess we will be hearing more than enough from the front runners.

    I am not loving Hillary at the moment.

  4. Right now, the ideal situation for me, I guess, is to vote for Kucinich in the primary and Obama in the general election.

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