How to find me and what to do when you do.

Ripping off amuirin as I sometimes do, I’d like to present a list of search terms people/bots/internet cretins have used to find me, with running commentary. i urge you to see her list, though; it’s much funnier. You’d think the freaks would come to me more, with all the ranting I do about kucinich!

michael feldman whatd’ya know? 1 I saw this live at the Canton Palace Theatre. It rocked.
how to get powers to teleport 1 I dunno. Gamma rays? Radioactive spider? Ninja training?
kucinich reptoid 1 No. Kucinich is the enemy of the reptiods! He fights them with his gnome magic.
kucinich ignored 1 Which is the only reason the reptoids haven’t tried to kill him.
leno kucinich 1 Slash fan fiction.

super powers, teleportation 1 I told you, I don’t know.
inturwebs 1 You found them when you signed on. A winner is you!
nh recount 1 The reptiods want Clinton to win.

how to have teleportation powers 1 It’s the burning question that everyone wants to know!
cartoon – humans riding dinosaurs 1 It’s in the “Adult” section, next to the furry fetish stuff.

happy belated new year 1 To you, too!
fun cover songs 1 Jim Neighbors singing “You are the Sunshine of my Life”, The Lettermen singing “Revolution”, and Mel Torme singing “Sunshine Superman”. (OK, that last one actually is good.)
peter venkman cartoon 1 It was called Ghostbusters.
lou dobbs government does not will of th 1 We’re not talking about Lou anymore.

belle sebastian cover ronson 2 What?
serj antidepressants 1 I needed them after I heard the single.
“first time i heard fake plastic 1 I cried, OK. Happy?
happy belated new years 1 Again, thanks.
teleportation superpower 1 You’ll be the first to know, I swear!
irony 1 is dead.
cartoon meme 1 I has it!
happy belated 1 …it will be too late when you finish the sentence.
“jay nova” 1 That’s my name. Only without the space. Or the quotes.

irony 2 Can you find irony on the inturwebs? *rolls eyes*
lou dobbs is an idiot 1That is correct.
happy belated new year 1 Yay!
music cover songs without sang 1 Midi files, perhaps? A String Quartet Tribute to the Cover Songs of Mel Torme?
belated new year 1…You’re not late, you’re early for next year!
The Most High Tech Bed EVER 1 With a frickin’ laser beam on its headboard.
muggswiggs 1 GREAT coffee shop in downtown Canton.
Zephyr kent 1Pretentious Emo-fest.

shannyn sossamon sexy oops 1 Didn’t realize you were typing, eh?
famous people canton ohio 1Marilyn Manson, Macy Gray, and jaynova, to name a few.
Kucinich and Colbert 1Slash non-fiction.
holy famous people 1Batman! It’s Marilyn Manson, Macy Gray, and jaynova!


3 Responses to “How to find me and what to do when you do.”

  1. I’m still puzzled by kucinich reptoid!

  2. Could you produce a comic about humans riding dinosaurs? I’ll buy 10.

  3. c94lpV Thank you for the material. Do you mind if I posted it in her blog, of course, with reference to your site?

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