What I’m working on…

This is a continuation of the script I started here. In other words, click the link before you read this piece. It is something I hope to one day publish as a comic book.

This is a rough-rough draft of this section, so it is subject to change.

I’ll apologize ahead of time for how long it’s taken me to get this little section done. I want to publish a comic, but not having an artist drains my motivation. If anyone *coughMOcough* is interested in illustrating my lovely words, let me know!

Anyway…here is the second scene!

PAGE 5, PANEL 1: Establishing shot: THE PERUVIAN ANDES, NIGHT. The sky is nearly cloudless; stars speckle the sky.

PAGE 5, PANEL 2: “Camera” view, as if viewer has its cheek against mountain wall vertically. In the far background, there is jungle and more mountains.

PAGE 5, PANEL 3: A close-up of a gloved hand grasping a rock on the side of a mountain.

PAGE 5, PANEL 4: A close up of the side of a muscular body, still climbing the mountain. The “camera” is in the same position as the last panel.

PAGE 5, PANEL 5: Camera is in same position. Close up of powerful legs pushing up the mountain.

PAGE 5, PANEL 6: EL PUMA PODEROSO reaches a plateau shelf on the mountain. He is shirtless, but wears gloves, black cargo pants, spiked boots, and his luchador mask. His mask is orange and white, and has vaguely feline eyes. He is climbing without the aid of any mountaineering gear. Yes, he is that hardcore.

PAGE 6, PANEL 1: PUMA PODEROSO stands before an altar built into a crevasse in the mountain wall. The altar is a natural stone table with photos of PUMA SUPREMO, as well as a stone bust of SUPREMO, wearing PS’s mask. There are unlit candles n the altar.

PAGE 6, PANEL 2: PODEROSO strikes a match on his pants, approaching the altar.

PAGE 6, PANEL 3: PUMA lights a candle on the altar.

PUMA PODEROSO: “Puma Supremo, I come to honor your memory and ask for your guidance.”

PAGE 6, PANEL 4: PUMA kneels at the altar of PUMA SUPREMO, praying. This is an over-the-shoulder shot.

PUMA PODEROSO: “I summon you with this offering of libation and of flame.”

PUMA SUPREMO (from behind, off panel): “Knock it off…”

PAGE 6, PANEL 5: PODEROSO spins around to see THE GHOST OF PUMA SUPREMO. SUPREMO looks annoyed.

PUMA SUPREMO: “…I’m not a god.”

PAGE 7, PANEL 1: PODEROSO approaches SUPREMO with reverence, his head bowed.

PUMA PODEROSO: “Puma Supremo. I am sorry, teacher. I did not mean to offend you.”

PUMA SUPREMO: “That’s quite alright, Puma Poderoso. No harm done. Still, why did you come out here and disturb my rest?

PAGE 7, PANEL 2: PODEROSO looks worried as his eyes meet SUPREMO’s.

PUMA PODEROSO: “Well, I have been having strange, unsettling dreams of late. Strange, misshapen…goblins stand in a circle that is not a circle. These creatures are wounded, and they howl for vengeance. Blood pours from their bodies and fills the circle. I fear that the ancestors may be trying to tell me something, but that I have not the wisdom to understand them.”

PAGE 7, PANEL 3: SUPREMO laughs out loud at PODEROSO. PODEROSO sulks.

PUMA SUPREMO: “Ahh-ha-ha! You came all this way for that!?! Because you watch too much David Lynch before bed-time!?!”


PAGE 7, PANEL 4: SUPREMO hops up to sit on a nearby rock.

PUMA SUPREMO: “OK, OK…you came all this way for advice, not to be made fun of. Sorry! The hair, fingernails, and sense of sarcasm all grow long after the body dies. Um…did you mention earlier that you had an offering of libation? Tequila?”

PUMA PODEROSO (off panel): “Um…yeah. I knew you liked it. Like it. Whatever.”

PUMA SUPREMO: “Great! Just pour it on the altar. Gracias.”


SUPREMO (off panel): Ahhhh…that’s the stuff. So, you came all this way for dream interpretation?”

PODEROSO: “Si. It’s not just the dreams, though. It’s just…a feeling. In the air, you know? Like something’s going to happen.”

PAGE 7, PANEL 6: PODEROSO looks at SUPREMO, worried. SUPREMO does not look worried.

PODEROSO: “It’s just…I’m lost without you! I still have so much to learn!”

SUPREMO: “Little Hector…you are Puma PODEROSO. The legacy of the great Pumas precedes you. You’ve earned the name. You just need to trust your intuition.”

PAGE 8, PANEL 1: PODEROSO still looks freaked out. SUPREMO looks like he notices something off-panel.

PODEROSO: “But how? I’ve meditated. I’ve studied the writings of El Puma Sabio. I’ve even seen my psychologist! But I’ve come no closer to understanding these things I see…that I feel. Something’s coming, but I don’t know what!”

SUPREMO: “When the time comes, you will…know…”

PAGE 8, PANEL 2: SUPREMO looks alarmed.

SUPREMO: “Wait! Something is coming! What have you done?!?”

PODEROSO: (off panel): “What do you mean?!?”

PAGE 8, PANEL 3: SUPREMO looks off the side of the mountain and starts to vanish. He is bursting into a blue flame. PODEROSO looks panicked.


SUPREMO: “You have brought your mess to my resting place! Leave!”

PODEROSO: “I didn’t…I don’t understand…”

PAGE 8, PANEL 4: SHOT OF PODEROSO’s BACK. SUPREMO is gone. PODEROSO looks out as a helicopter rises to his level. Wind from the helicopter blades picks up dust all around PODEROSO. PODEROSO is ready to run. THIS PANEL SHOULD TAKE UP A THIRD OF THE PAGE.

(More to come soon…)

(c) 2007-2008 J. Robert Novak


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