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Recently, I’ve started using Microsoft Live Writer to write blog posts while off-line.  I started using this program because a) it was the only one I tried that actually worked, and b) it was the only one that boasted that it had plug-ins to customize my off-line blogging experience.  As far as the program actually working, the interface looks like this:


Nice, eh?  I can see what my post will basically look like once it’s posted.  Now, the bad part.  I looked through all of the plug-ins, and there are very few that I would want to use.  One that would be very useful is the one that lets me post to WordPress using the formatting from a word processor.  See, what I post script excerpts, I have to go through and bold everything that I want bolded because the WordPress editor doesn’t read things like bolding or indentations.

So, I downloaded what would be the best plug-in for me, and I tried to install it.  When I try to install it, though, I get this window:



Um…I’m not sure what it wants from me.  I agree, the application DOES require Windows Live Writer.  Fortunate that I have it, huh.  But, when I agree, it takes me to the page to the Windows Live Writer website.  ‘At’s a-no good. So I bring the box back and say "no."  When I do this, it just kicks me out of the installation process.  So, I can’t install the frickin’ plug-in.  According to the comments on the page,others have had the same problem, but some have had no problems.  Grrrrr.

Oh, I also downloaded the program "Snippy," which allows me to take screen caps, thus the above pics.

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  1. You are a snippy!

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