Hourly Comic Day!!!

Hey all…go HERE and sign up for an account. Then, tomorrow (that’s Feb 1), draw a comic for every hour you’re awake about, well, what you did during that hour! Then, sometime the next day or so, scan them into your interweb computing machine and ZAAAPPPP! send it along the informations supermanhighways! NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A GOOD ARTIST! This is just for fun, but lots of people are doing this! It’s just like jumping off a bridge!

Kari, I expect you to participate!!!!!

Thanks MO for the head’s up!

Oh! I should tag people! Ok…

David B


4 Responses to “Hourly Comic Day!!!”

  1. quicksilverthor Says:

    Hi Jaynova. This comment is unrelated to the subject (I’m sorry). I just created an account here. You were the inspiration in part. Check it out. Its the House of Morphius. By the way this is a Toledo bound cousin of a certain river dweller.

  2. wait- what?

    what is it? I guess I hafta actually click the link now, huh.

  3. I’m still a little confused. Where do you get the comics at?

    We don’t hafta *make them* (oh mother of god, no) right?

  4. Aw crap, I’ve dun been called out.

    I’ll do one or two, sure. 🙂

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