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Ninja Kitty-Full Version

Posted in Writing on 13 February 2008 by jason

This is the full version of the cartoon that I wrote for My Very Own Adventure, Ninja Kitty. I’ve been told that this is the video that the company shows potential clients as the best example of what they do because it’s written so well, the kid’s actions are rad, and something about me being the god of writing. Just call me Thoth. Anyway, here it is!

Listen to the band!

Posted in Cover Songs, Music on 13 February 2008 by jason

I’ve been watching a lot of videos on youtube lately. You know…looking for music I haven’t heard, watching videos of bands I like, etc…

Anyway, here are some videos for you! Enjoy!

The Mountain Goats-Sax Rohmer #1

This is off their forthcoming album Heretic Pride

Vampire Weekend-Oxford Comma (live)

From MTV’s Brand Spanking New Sessions

And, because it is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen…
David Hasselhoff-Hooked on a Feeling

Day three.

Posted in Education, Rambling on 13 February 2008 by jason

Today is the third day in a row that my job has been closed due to weather. Personally, I think someone in administration is being a baby. I mean, this is Ohio; you’re going to get some bad weather. If you shut down every time the weather dips down near 0, which it didn’t, you’ll never get anything done.

Good news is that my mouth had miraculously stopped hurting, though the weird taste I woke up with makes me think that I had an abscess that popped, so I was probably drinking pus all night. And when you can say “The good news is that I’ve been drinking pus…”