jaynova internet guitar school: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

Ok, folks; here I am singing “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley. Comment, tear me apart, give me constructive criticism. I can take it.


5 Responses to “jaynova internet guitar school: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley”

  1. Okay, I listened. The main trouble that I could see was that you aren’t Gnarl’s Barkley, and Gnarl’s Barkley is so peculiarly suited to this particular song that most anyone else who attempted it would likely suffer in comparison.

    You have a very interesting, rough lyrical quality on the higher medium register. I think the way you form words lower doesn’t maybe show your voice off as well as it might, because the tones are coming out horizontal shaped and this flattens them a bit, and often ends up ending vowell words (like crazy) with a sort of h sound. (crazeh) That might just be cus your’e going for Barkley-esque ness, I’m not sure.

    If you wanna try rounding out tone a little, and training your vocals toward a fuller, more vertical sound naturally, try warming up and singing everyday for awhile while pinching your cheeks to force your jaw a little more open. THis forces the tone to go fuller and rounder, and after a couple months that happens naturally without having to hold your mouth that way.

    It looks and feels silly, but you might be pleasantly surprised by the difference it can make to tone. (My mum’s a classically trained in voice, piano and guitar and she’s been a music teacher for 26 years. I’ve picked up a bit from her by osmosis, really)

    Last suggestion: How bout a Mike Doughty song? Mike Doughty has wonderful songs, the only thing wrong with them is his voice which I don’t care, it’s really nasally and kinda flattens everything. With your voice and his lyrics you could make his songs sound amazing.

  2. Thanks! It’s funny, because I was thinking of re-recording this in a higher register. I’ll try the mouth position, too. (my ex-wife used to tell me that the way I didn’t open my mouth enough was what was “wrong” with my singing.)

    Don’t know Mike Doughty, but I’ll look him up.

    Everyone else: This is the kind of advice I’m looking for. Anyone have any other ideas for my singing? How about my guitar playing?

  3. You are too cute!

    No offense.

    I love mike doughty (x soul coughing)! Really I love soul coughing but his solo stuff is pretty cool. I would like to hear you try a frank black song… maybe one off Honeycomb?

    I can’t sing or play, so I have no advice. But I enjoyed listening!

  4. Hey, Mo…

    Ask Chris what he thinks! Any advice from him would be appriciated!

  5. nice guitar.
    “my only advice” spoken was a nice touch! i don’t know about m doughty, personally i think you should cover some depeche mode.
    as for actual advice? belt it out, don’t stop, and fuck advice. just don’t stop.
    oh, and listen to more john frusciante. that’s my advice or everyone.
    all the time.

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