Folding in (ROUGH draft)

…and he was there. Or, perhaps, it would be more appropriate to say that he was then, because he hadn’t actually moved more than six feet. I did it, David thought as he stared at himself, or rather, at the two-minutes-in-the-future David, who was jumping up and down for joy, shouting “I did it!” His wife, that is, his two-minutes-in-the-future wife came running into the chamber to celebrate with a bottle of wine.

I wonder if I, …er, I mean, that I, can see me, David, present David, David who two minutes from now would be jumping for joy and celebrating with his wife and some wine, thought. I should try to talk to him, me,…er, dammit! I should have read more science fiction about this sort of thing! I don’t have the words to describe it!

David-the-now shouted at David-to-be. “Hey! Can you hear this! I’m you! We did it! We fucking did it!” David-to-be did not respond, but instead began to unzip his skin-tight chrono-suit.

“The suit started to run hot at the end,” Future David said to his wife. “But besides that…” He suddenly looked distracted. “Hey,” he said, facing present David, much to his, Present David’s, surprise. “I can’t see or hear you, but I know I was there. Congratulations, man!” The David-to-be then slipped out of the chrono-suit and stood naked in the chamber, surrounded by monitors, gages, generators, and his wife. “We fucking did it.”

Present David wanted to stick around and see what happened next, but he noticed that his chrono-suit was starting to run hot.

Copyright 2008 J. Robert Novak


One Response to “Folding in (ROUGH draft)”

  1. Woah.

    Weird. I was confused at first, but then it got more and more awesome.

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