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Grey. It’s definitely grey.

Posted in otter on 30 April 2008 by jason

So, this saturday, the otter and I made our bi-weekly trip to Akron, the land of milk, honey, and old tires. On the way up, I was looking at myself in the mirror (because looking this good takes CONSTANT ATTENTION(tm) ) when I noticed something in my hair. It looked like a white thread, so I tried to remove it. OuCH! It was attatched: my very first grey hair.

The next day, I was visiting my mother on her birthday, and I decided to show her the hair to make her feel even older.

“Look, Mom! A grey hair!” I said.
“Let me see that!” She dug through my hair to find it. Then, she said, “Ohhhhh! You don’t have a grey hair! You have 5 of them! No, 6! Umm…7, 8, 9!”

So, I guess I’m almost-semi-officially going grey! This is good news; I’m only 30 (well, 31 in a week), so I’m by no means old. Therefore, this isn’t a sign of age, but of somewhat early greying. And, I don’t seem to be going bald, like they do on my mom’s side of the family, so that’s cool.

I just wish I was greying along my temples, like Reed Richards or Nick Fury. That would be so badass.

Sick. AGAIN!!!

Posted in Conspiracies, Exercise, otter, Rambling on 23 April 2008 by jason

Ok, so at work, we like to play this game called “virus tag.” Right now, apparently, I’m it. Sore throat. Snot dripping, no, pouring from my nose. Coughing. Sweating. I other words, I don’t feel so well.

Anyway, yesterday, everyone took a vote and voted me off the island about 2 hours early, with the recommendation to get some sleep. A capital idea! I went home, slept, and sweat some of the sickness out of me.

A couple of hours later, I woke up and called me friend Jodi. He’s in town from California, so he only makes it up here about once a year. I told him that I was sick, so I shouldn’t come out, but he said that it was cool; everyone is outside and the weather is nice, so my illness won’t inconvenience anyone. Alright, that’s fine; I didn’t want to miss out on seeing him, so I went with the plan of only staying for an hour.

About 2 hours later, I had to leave. I was feeling a little worse than when I woke back up. Just then, the otter called. She hadn’t seen me in a while, so she wanted me to come over. I told her that I could, but I ad to leave by 11 so that I could get to bet.

11:40 rolled around, and I was out the door. Feeling sicker and sicker, I knew that I was in trouble, and if I didn’t get back to bed, I would have to miss more work in the morning. So I drove half-way home, and POP! my tire blew out.

I pulled into the nearest parking lot, and, weak from sickness, was not in the mood to change my tire. So I walked. Forty-five minutes. At midnight. In the cold air. Without a jacket.



Posted in and other fun, Exercise on 10 April 2008 by jason

Yesterday was the first day here in Canton, Ohio that it actually felt like spring. After work, I ran around and did all my errands (with the car windows rolled down!), then went home, opened all my windows, and slept for an hour as the breeze came in the bedroom.

After that, I threw some birdseed onto my balcony and read while watching my cats stare at all the birds.

Around 7 o’clock, to prevent myself from falling asleep again, I went out to the park to play some Disc Golf.

I forgot how much I love spring.

I’m trying…

Posted in Conspiracies, Money, Rambling on 10 April 2008 by jason

Ok…so the otter is reading a book caller…er…OK, so I don’t remember what it’s called or who wrote it. Something like The Big-Box Swindle. Anyway, it’s all about how places like WalMart destroy the economy. Nothing I hadn’t already known about, but it does bring it back out of my peripheral vision.

So…I’ve decided to try to support locally owned businesses. I’ve come up with a 4 phase plan to live a life that is more morally acceptable to me; I’m in phase one of this right now: no more Wal Mart. Yesterday, I went to Marc’s, a local grocery store that I hate because I used to work there, and bought a lunch bag (as I’m also trying to produce less trash…no more plastic bags!).

Phase 2 will involve things like no more Best Buy. Phase 3 will include fast food restaraunts, and phase 4 will be…n-n-no more Borders. *wheeze* *weeze*

Sorry. Still having trouble wrapping my head around that one. We’ll see.

Meme time: Top 5 Favorite Video Games

Posted in Meme, video games on 6 April 2008 by jason

Ok, ok…I haven’t been writing on my blog very much. I’ve been sitting at home, playing the XBox. Because of this, I haven’t had much to write about. So let me ask all of you: What are your top 5 favorite games? Here are mine, in random order:

Pac-ManPac-ManArcade. This was the first arcade game I ever played, back in 1980 or so. I remember clearly: It was at Fisher Foods, a local grocery store. My mother had to lift me up to see the screen. I was running from the ghosts, and I suddenly reralized that “the big dots” made you eat ghosts! For my 3-year-old mind, this was the greatest thing ever. I have this game on my cell-phone, and I still play it (I beat my cell-phone highscore on friday!). Ahhhh, memories.

Gladius BoxGladiusPS2, XBox. I’m playing this one again. It’s a fantasy, Roman-Gladiator-style turn-based-strategy role-playing-game, that, while complex in the abilities charactes can have and in the strategy of puting those chaacters together, is actually easy to learn to play. I’m over 20 hours in the game now, and it only gets better as you go. The basic idea is that you must lead your gladiator school to the championship in Caltha, the capital of Imperia. To do this, you must travel the world, fighting the best that each region has to offer. This game is endlessly replayable, but a little too easy to save over your game (my ex-wife played for over 100 hours before accidentally erasing her game. She then played at least an additional 80 hours!).

pirates.jpgSid Meier’s Pirates!XBox,Genesis,NES. This game is one of the original sandbox, or open-ended, games. there is a main plot, and you can finish the game without even touching on that plot. I played this game on the NES fiorst, and it was my favorite game for that system. The Genesis version was better, with improved graphicsa and sound. The XBox game added features, like the ability to take the daughters of the governors to the Ball (where you hit certain buttons in rythym to dance well and impress them). I think any version of this game holds up well, but the XBox version manages to improve on the game without changing what made the early versions so great. You can play this game from beginning to end in a few hours, just blowing up enemy ships and stealing their loot, or you can get into the story and hunt for your missing family. You can decide to call yourself a pirate-hunter and kill the 9 most notorious pirates on the Spanish Main. If you like, you can even do nothing but buy and sell goods, only fighting to defend yourself from pirates. Come on, though…who doesn’t want to be a pirate?

images.jpgDark Forces 2: Jedi Knight-PC. This game is not the best 1st person shooter. It’s not the best Star Wars game. It doesn’t hold up well against games today. So, why is it a favorite of mine? Well, it was the 1st game I played online. I met lots of friends (with whom I have completely lost touch), I honed my online gaming skills (although, really, what skills do I really have?), and hey,I got to play as a Jedi. How cool is that?

Marvel Ultimate Alliance-XBox. I know, this game’s a little new to be called one of the best. However, it has many of my favorite characters (Dr. Strange!!! Spider-man!!! Silver-Freaking-Surfer!!!), and though pretty mindless, is pretty much infinitely replayable, as you can go back through the game, levelling up to get every power for every character. I’ve beaten this game 5 times, in some cases making my own teams (S.H.E.I.L.D. Black Ops:Nick Fury, Electra, Wolverine, Deadpool; The Mystic Avengers: Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, Elektra, Blade, with Thor in reserve), and other times using pre-designed teams (The Defenders: Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer, Luke Cage, Iceman). It’s a great game that does everything that the X Men Legends games did right, and corrected the mistakes of those two games.

So, what are your favorite games?

I’m looking at you:
Amuirin AND Imtay (I want posts from both of you!)
David B.

Still alive.

Posted in Rambling on 4 April 2008 by jason

Hey all! I’m still here!

Basically, I’ve been too tired to write. The good news, though, is that I think I’ve fixed this problem. See, I’m fairly certain that I have sleep apnea, mainly because I wake myself up choking, I wake up feeling like I have a hangover every day, and , well, my ex-wife used to tell me that I would stop breathing in my sleep. Anyway, I started sleeping on a 30 degree angle, to see if it would help.

It seems to have worked! I woke up today feeling like the hyperactive manchild that I was years ago! The problem with this is all of the symptoms of my ADHD are back. Caffeine fixes the lack of attention, but not the boundless energy problem. So I am WOUND UP. BOOOOOOOYAAAAA!

Anyway, I’m working on a meme post that should be up on sunday.