Sick. AGAIN!!!

Ok, so at work, we like to play this game called “virus tag.” Right now, apparently, I’m it. Sore throat. Snot dripping, no, pouring from my nose. Coughing. Sweating. I other words, I don’t feel so well.

Anyway, yesterday, everyone took a vote and voted me off the island about 2 hours early, with the recommendation to get some sleep. A capital idea! I went home, slept, and sweat some of the sickness out of me.

A couple of hours later, I woke up and called me friend Jodi. He’s in town from California, so he only makes it up here about once a year. I told him that I was sick, so I shouldn’t come out, but he said that it was cool; everyone is outside and the weather is nice, so my illness won’t inconvenience anyone. Alright, that’s fine; I didn’t want to miss out on seeing him, so I went with the plan of only staying for an hour.

About 2 hours later, I had to leave. I was feeling a little worse than when I woke back up. Just then, the otter called. She hadn’t seen me in a while, so she wanted me to come over. I told her that I could, but I ad to leave by 11 so that I could get to bet.

11:40 rolled around, and I was out the door. Feeling sicker and sicker, I knew that I was in trouble, and if I didn’t get back to bed, I would have to miss more work in the morning. So I drove half-way home, and POP! my tire blew out.

I pulled into the nearest parking lot, and, weak from sickness, was not in the mood to change my tire. So I walked. Forty-five minutes. At midnight. In the cold air. Without a jacket.


6 Responses to “Sick. AGAIN!!!”

  1. quicksilverthor Says:

    That most definitely sucks. My sympathy goes to you.

  2. Let it be known that I offered to pick you up. 🙂

  3. Let it be known that I did not offer to pick you up and then suffered “Mommy guilt” for it! Sorry. 😦

  4. The next time you are ill take the following:

    One shot of Nyquil,
    One shot of Vodka (substitutions acceptable)

    After that you won’t feel the need to go anywhere, and will get uninterupted rest.

  5. Heh. The way I react to antihistamines, I could probably substitute Benedryl for Nyquil!

  6. Drink a lot of whiskey, this will cure you.

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