Grey. It’s definitely grey.

So, this saturday, the otter and I made our bi-weekly trip to Akron, the land of milk, honey, and old tires. On the way up, I was looking at myself in the mirror (because looking this good takes CONSTANT ATTENTION(tm) ) when I noticed something in my hair. It looked like a white thread, so I tried to remove it. OuCH! It was attatched: my very first grey hair.

The next day, I was visiting my mother on her birthday, and I decided to show her the hair to make her feel even older.

“Look, Mom! A grey hair!” I said.
“Let me see that!” She dug through my hair to find it. Then, she said, “Ohhhhh! You don’t have a grey hair! You have 5 of them! No, 6! Umm…7, 8, 9!”

So, I guess I’m almost-semi-officially going grey! This is good news; I’m only 30 (well, 31 in a week), so I’m by no means old. Therefore, this isn’t a sign of age, but of somewhat early greying. And, I don’t seem to be going bald, like they do on my mom’s side of the family, so that’s cool.

I just wish I was greying along my temples, like Reed Richards or Nick Fury. That would be so badass.


4 Responses to “Grey. It’s definitely grey.”

  1. I really dig grey hair!!
    I hope to be lucky in that department, bc both my parents have awesome grey hair. My mom’s is almost pure white now and my dads have gone from wicked salt and pepper to lighter and lighter grey.
    Bc my hair is so light, greys are hard to find. But it’s fun when one shows up, usually it’s all squiggly and kinky.
    My x hated greys and if she found one on herself she’d pluck it, which I kinda understand bc she had super black hair, so it was really obvious. But she would also try to pluck mine and we would get into fights about it.
    Glad I don’t have that problem anymore. Now I can grey in peace.

  2. I got my first one too recently. Luckily for me its in my beard and thus easily dispatched.

  3. Cool. I’ve spotted a few in my tou fa. I’d rather be grey than bald, something I have always feared since my father was cueballesque at a very early age. I have (cross fingers) avoided that.

    One of my mates started to go grey at 15. He looked rather distinguished by the time he was 30.

  4. Careful, you’ll be considering the benefits of buying a pipe and asmoking jacket next, mark my words!

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