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Intimate relations, as well as the metropolitan area in which many people live and work

Posted in Movies, otter, Television on 31 May 2008 by jason

So, last night, otter and I went to see Sex and the City, opening night at Tinseltown. I was expecting a big crowd, but I wasn’t expecting it to be a sold-out show. The theatre was literally packed with 20 something to 40 something women, dressed in their idea of what New York Couture looked like. It was not just a movie for these women; it was an event.

The movie started to applause and cheers. not being a fan of the show, I wasn’t sure what this was about, but I remember the excitement I felt when The Phantom Menace started (and my subsequent disappointment, so I guess I could relate. What I couldn’t relate to was the “oooing” and “ahhing” every time someone came on wearing a fancy dress. Sure, they were nice clothes, but I just can’t get excited about an outfit that costs more than my car. These women can.

What I noticed about this film, too, was that the underlying messages were a) expensive clothes and purses can change your life and actually bring you love, b) men do nothing except hurt women, and c) a woman can’t actually hurt a man, no matter what she does, unless he deserves it. Really, for a show about 4 liberated city girls, stereotypes abounded.

And, as I looked at all the women in the theatre, mesmerized by the shiney things on the screen, I got to thinking: have we really come very far in the past 100 years? Are these women really free, liberated women, or have they traded up to a gilded cage?

For the Otter

Posted in Music, otter on 27 May 2008 by jason

The otter and I like the band Mates of State, so I’d like to recommend them to everyone who reads The Most High and Holy. Also, because the otter hasn’t seen these videos and isn’t feeling well today, I thought I’d gather some of their videos for her.

You may have heard them before, in this commercial (playing one of my favorite songs, “For the Actor”):

“Like U Crazy” (a great video, and tied with “For the Actor” as my favorite song of theirs):

“Fraud in the ’80s”:

“Ha Ha”:

Pack Rat? Moi?

Posted in inturwebs on 25 May 2008 by jason

My E-Mail

I never erase anything, and these are e-mails that I always intend to read, but never get around to them. I should note that this is my personal account…my work account is clean.

What I’m Working On: Untitled Lucha Project, Excerpt 3

Posted in Comics, Writing on 25 May 2008 by jason

This is the third part of a script I’m writing, eventually (I hope) to be a comic book, once I have money, an artist, etc…

A few notes…first of all, this will make little sense if you haven’t read the other parts, which are linked below.

Also, click on “Read More” at the bottom of this post to see the fuill excerpt.

Part 1 is HERE

Part 2 is HERE.

And now…part 3

PAGE 9, PANEL 1: ESTABLISHING SHOT—A MAKESHIFT STAGE OUTSIDE. News vans surround the stage, and a throng of people push to get a better view. Spotlights hit the stage, which looks like it was constructed in a hurry. There is a microphone on the stage.

PAGE 9, PANEL 2: CLOSE UP OF A REPORTER, looking at the “camera.” He speaks into his own mic.

REPORTER: “…and we’re still waiting for a spokesman for the police department to comment on the shooting of Defensor Valorosa, who was reportedly wounded or killed in front of the [NAME OF RESTAURANT] restaurant, on Mascaros Blvd. So far, there is no update on the world champion luchador and crimefighter’s condition…”

PAGE 9, PANEL 3: BEHIND THE REPORTER, CABALLERO ESTRELLA and A DETECTIVE walk onto the stage, with several officers. The Detective is wearing a suit and tie. CABALLERO is wearing a dark suit and tie, and his Luchador mask, which is cut open at the top to expose his black hair. There is a star design around his eyes, but the mask is dark enough that it does not look fey (I’m not going for a Paul Stanley thing). The REPORTER looks back.

REPORTER: “..though we hope…wait a minute. It looks like a spokesman is on stage, along with Defensor’s protege, the Star Knight Detective himself, Caballero Estella!”

PAGE 9, PANEL 4: CLOSE IN ON THE STAGE. THE DETECTIVE IS AT THE MIC, BESIDE CABALLERO. POLICE flank them, and one officer tries to quiet the crowd.

DETECTIVE: “Attention, please…[Attention, please]…At approximately 6:45 this evening, Defensor Valerosa was leaving the [NAME OF RESTAURANT] with an acquaintance, one Sandra Rose, when he was shot by an unknown assailant, apparently from a nearby rooftop. Paramedics arrived at the scene at 6:52 PM, but where unable to revive him.


DETECTIVE: “Defensor Valerosa was pronounced dead at the scene.”

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Opening Day

Posted in and other fun, otter, Uncategorized on 18 May 2008 by jason

I had intended on following up my post about my birthday with a long post about Cedar point, but I think I’ve waited too long for that. So, here are the highlights, with links to the Cedar Point website (where you can watch video* of each ride from a “rider’s eye view”)

Wicked Twister– The 1st ride we rode. I’m always terrified on the first ride of the summer for me, so I was pretty messed up by this one.

Magnum– When this was built in 1989, it was the fastest, tallest coaster in the world, I think. Now…it’s really not that scary. We rode it twice, the second time being a front-car night time ride. It was awesome. the ride swings you out over Lake Erie, and you can see the whole park, lit up.

Iron Dragon-We rode in the front on this one, too. This is actually a fairly peaceful ride…the only scary thing is that it always looks like you’re going to crash into a pole. One of my favorite rides, though.

Gemini-This is a “racing coaster.” Two cars run side by side, and depending on how physics happens to be working, the red car or the blue car will finish first. This goes much, much faster than I remembered it going, and the otter got tricked me on this one: at one point, she said, “put your arms up”, so I did, only to see a low beam coming for my fingers! It looked like I almost lost a hand. She got me with that one lst year, too!

Mavrick-This may have been the coolest experience this year! This ride doesn’t go to high, though it does have one 95 dergree drop. The big deal with this one is that it is pushed by hydraulics, meaning you are standing still, then you are suddenly rocketed through the track. There’s a tunnel half way through with more hydraulics, and this is why this was a cool experience. The hydraulics didn’t catch, as these ones push the cars as they are already moving. The failure of the hydraulic mechanism meant that we only made it half-way up the next hill, then rolled back through the tunnel, backwards. After a few minutes, the hydraulics were started back up, and we shot back up the hill! Fun, though a little unsettling. (A sign at the entrance of the ride warns that this may happen, so that took some of the edge off.)

Mean Streak-This is probably my favorite ride in the park. It’s a fast, wooden roller coaster that is monsterous in size. My favorite part near the end, is when the cars go into the framework of the 1st hill.

The Raptor-This one’s pretty awesome. It’s a suspended coaster, meaning that the track is above you. This thing whips you around, upside down and in loops. The only problem I have with this was that in the past, I have almost lost conciousness due to the looping (what jet pilots call “G-LOC”). The Fun-to-length-of-line ratio was awesome on this, as opposed to the 2 hour line on the Mavrick.

Power Tower-OK, it was the otter’s idea to ride this one. I hate being dropped, and that’s all this does if you ride the green tower. Hydraulics puch you down, so you fall faster than gravity’s pull. The red tower, which I rode last year, shoots you up into the air, then lets gravity bring you back down. Not my favorite ride, but the otter loves it.

There you have it! The weather was nice, the lines were mostly not-to-long, and we rode lots of rides! I hope to go back one more time this summer to hiy a few rides that I didn’t get to ride!

*Click on the videos (I watch the low-quality ones), then payuse them and let them load. I reccoment watching AT LEAST the Magnum, the Mavrick, The Mean Streak, and the Raptor).

Happy Mother’s Day!

Posted in Holidays, Music on 11 May 2008 by jason

I’m taking a break from my birthday posts to wish all you mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!

The Long Birthday

Posted in beer, Food, Holidays, Music, otter on 11 May 2008 by jason

Well, friday was my 31st birthday, and it was a pretty good one that extended throughout Saturday! Because it coincidentally fell on my last day of work for the semester, we had a mini-party, complete with delicious chocolate chip cheesecake made by Charity. Besides an hour-long meeting for a project we’re working on over the summer, I just sat on a computer, surfing the internet, catching up with my friends at the Straight to Hell message board, and strumming on my guitar.

After work, I went to Chili’s to meet with the writing center crew (including some who didn’t work that day) to get a beer and some nachos. Then, I went home and crashed for a couple of hours (I suspect this was due to a sugar crash from the cheesecake, coupled with a lack of caffeine from the cafeteria being closed).

When the otter got home from work, I went to her place, where she gave me presents! I got a ticket for Cedar Point, which I was expecting, as well as a record player (I was NOT expecting that!) and Belle and Sebastian’s Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant on LP. The otter’s mom baked me a cake and gave me some coffee.

These things, plus the money from my parents and grandparents, made for a birthday full of loot! But it didn’t end there; I went to Cedar Park the next day (opening day!)! More on that in the next post, though…

EDIT: Today, my brother came into town and gave me an XBox. Not just any XBox, however. No, this is a special XBox. I am not legally allowed to tell you how awesome and special this XBox is. I can tell you that I’ll be playing lots of NES, SNES, Arcade, Sega Master System, Game Gear, and Genesis games, but I can’t tell you if that has anything to do with the XBox in question.

Mixtapology: The Race

Posted in Exercise, Music on 4 May 2008 by jason

Here is my mixtape for the race. It’s only 5 songs long because I knew it would take me less than 20 minutes to finish.

“Today’s Lesson” -Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
“In the Craters of the Moon” -The Mountain Goats
“Hell Is Other People” -The Ne’er Do Evers
“16 Military Wives” -The Decemberists
“None Shall Pass” -Aesop Rock

As with any mixtape, there was a logic to this one. “Today’s Lesson” starts off with a driving guitar that’s not too fast, so that I wouldn’t wear myself out too early. The second song, “In the Craters of the Moon,” starts off slowish, but builds in intensity at the end, so that I get a short burst about 6 minutes into the race. Next, “Hell Is Other People” is a slower but steady song, which sould let me sink into a rythym . “16 Military Wives” is another song with a steady rythym that’s not too fast, but it’s a little faster than the Ne’er Do Ever’s song. Finally,”None Shall Pass” has a fast beat for that last sprint at the end.

My problem was that I started off to fast, despite my best efforts, so that I was worn out by the end of the first song. It didn’t help that the first line of “In the Craters” is “If the strain proves too much/ Give up right away.” After that, the Ne’er Do Evers helped me find a comfortable pace, which I kept until the beginning of Aesop Rock’s “None Shall Pass”, which started at the foot of a long hill.

Still, I think it was a good mix for this race.

Run Run Run

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Early, Saturday morning: Rain clouds, baleful and ponderous, loomed accross the hills. The land was still, for the birds and the woodland creatures were hiding from the portentious weather.

A perfect day for a race!

Yesterday, I ran in my first race since last year’s Hall of Fame 2 Mile. This was the 3rd Annual Louisville Area YMCA’s 2-Mile Fun Run (Say that 5 times fast!), and though the weather barely cooperated (the rain stopped just long enough for me to get from the starting pistol to the finish line), I had a lot of fun. I was actually 2-3 seconds slower than I was on the same course last year, which I blame on a knee that’s been bothering me lately, as well as my recent recovery from a week-long illness and having a tooth pulled on Monday. I really was not physically prepared for this race, so I’m just glad I finished.

The otter beat me, of course.

Happy May Day!

Posted in Exercise on 2 May 2008 by jason

Happy May Day to all of you, whether you are celebrating the proletariat or just the cycle of nature!