Mixtapology: The Race

Here is my mixtape for the race. It’s only 5 songs long because I knew it would take me less than 20 minutes to finish.

“Today’s Lesson” -Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
“In the Craters of the Moon” -The Mountain Goats
“Hell Is Other People” -The Ne’er Do Evers
“16 Military Wives” -The Decemberists
“None Shall Pass” -Aesop Rock

As with any mixtape, there was a logic to this one. “Today’s Lesson” starts off with a driving guitar that’s not too fast, so that I wouldn’t wear myself out too early. The second song, “In the Craters of the Moon,” starts off slowish, but builds in intensity at the end, so that I get a short burst about 6 minutes into the race. Next, “Hell Is Other People” is a slower but steady song, which sould let me sink into a rythym . “16 Military Wives” is another song with a steady rythym that’s not too fast, but it’s a little faster than the Ne’er Do Ever’s song. Finally,”None Shall Pass” has a fast beat for that last sprint at the end.

My problem was that I started off to fast, despite my best efforts, so that I was worn out by the end of the first song. It didn’t help that the first line of “In the Craters” is “If the strain proves too much/ Give up right away.” After that, the Ne’er Do Evers helped me find a comfortable pace, which I kept until the beginning of Aesop Rock’s “None Shall Pass”, which started at the foot of a long hill.

Still, I think it was a good mix for this race.


One Response to “Mixtapology: The Race”

  1. that’s so awesome…

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