Opening Day

I had intended on following up my post about my birthday with a long post about Cedar point, but I think I’ve waited too long for that. So, here are the highlights, with links to the Cedar Point website (where you can watch video* of each ride from a “rider’s eye view”)

Wicked Twister– The 1st ride we rode. I’m always terrified on the first ride of the summer for me, so I was pretty messed up by this one.

Magnum– When this was built in 1989, it was the fastest, tallest coaster in the world, I think. Now…it’s really not that scary. We rode it twice, the second time being a front-car night time ride. It was awesome. the ride swings you out over Lake Erie, and you can see the whole park, lit up.

Iron Dragon-We rode in the front on this one, too. This is actually a fairly peaceful ride…the only scary thing is that it always looks like you’re going to crash into a pole. One of my favorite rides, though.

Gemini-This is a “racing coaster.” Two cars run side by side, and depending on how physics happens to be working, the red car or the blue car will finish first. This goes much, much faster than I remembered it going, and the otter got tricked me on this one: at one point, she said, “put your arms up”, so I did, only to see a low beam coming for my fingers! It looked like I almost lost a hand. She got me with that one lst year, too!

Mavrick-This may have been the coolest experience this year! This ride doesn’t go to high, though it does have one 95 dergree drop. The big deal with this one is that it is pushed by hydraulics, meaning you are standing still, then you are suddenly rocketed through the track. There’s a tunnel half way through with more hydraulics, and this is why this was a cool experience. The hydraulics didn’t catch, as these ones push the cars as they are already moving. The failure of the hydraulic mechanism meant that we only made it half-way up the next hill, then rolled back through the tunnel, backwards. After a few minutes, the hydraulics were started back up, and we shot back up the hill! Fun, though a little unsettling. (A sign at the entrance of the ride warns that this may happen, so that took some of the edge off.)

Mean Streak-This is probably my favorite ride in the park. It’s a fast, wooden roller coaster that is monsterous in size. My favorite part near the end, is when the cars go into the framework of the 1st hill.

The Raptor-This one’s pretty awesome. It’s a suspended coaster, meaning that the track is above you. This thing whips you around, upside down and in loops. The only problem I have with this was that in the past, I have almost lost conciousness due to the looping (what jet pilots call “G-LOC”). The Fun-to-length-of-line ratio was awesome on this, as opposed to the 2 hour line on the Mavrick.

Power Tower-OK, it was the otter’s idea to ride this one. I hate being dropped, and that’s all this does if you ride the green tower. Hydraulics puch you down, so you fall faster than gravity’s pull. The red tower, which I rode last year, shoots you up into the air, then lets gravity bring you back down. Not my favorite ride, but the otter loves it.

There you have it! The weather was nice, the lines were mostly not-to-long, and we rode lots of rides! I hope to go back one more time this summer to hiy a few rides that I didn’t get to ride!

*Click on the videos (I watch the low-quality ones), then payuse them and let them load. I reccoment watching AT LEAST the Magnum, the Mavrick, The Mean Streak, and the Raptor).

3 Responses to “Opening Day”

  1. I’m sure we’ll make it back. You still need to ride Dragster…

  2. You guys outta come up one night and we can all go the next day. 🙂 We haven’t gone in at least a few years, and we’re an only hour away.

    Raptor scares the crap out of me.. I dread dangly-feet rides. Iron Dragon and Gemini are two of my old favorites. I really love Magnum and Mean Streak.

    Cedar Point is a world-class park. ❤

  3. I would love to ride some real roller coasters. The ones here are inadequate.

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