For the Otter

The otter and I like the band Mates of State, so I’d like to recommend them to everyone who reads The Most High and Holy. Also, because the otter hasn’t seen these videos and isn’t feeling well today, I thought I’d gather some of their videos for her.

You may have heard them before, in this commercial (playing one of my favorite songs, “For the Actor”):

“Like U Crazy” (a great video, and tied with “For the Actor” as my favorite song of theirs):

“Fraud in the ’80s”:

“Ha Ha”:

4 Responses to “For the Otter”

  1. Thank you. You made my day. 🙂

  2. quicksilverthor Says:

    Hi, Kell-bell, Jason, everyday can’t be great, but I hope the day you read this is. Ha ha, you can read it more than once for many great days.

  3. Hey cousin Z,
    I hear you’re hanging out with my little bro this morning. Make sure he behaves himself. Don’t let him drag you back to CP.
    I miss you!

  4. i saw them open for rainer maria once, they’re good friends with my friend kyle and played on his record (so did i, i played bass on half of it).. you can download it free at that’s what i recommend back at you. for that. now.

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