Intimate relations, as well as the metropolitan area in which many people live and work

So, last night, otter and I went to see Sex and the City, opening night at Tinseltown. I was expecting a big crowd, but I wasn’t expecting it to be a sold-out show. The theatre was literally packed with 20 something to 40 something women, dressed in their idea of what New York Couture looked like. It was not just a movie for these women; it was an event.

The movie started to applause and cheers. not being a fan of the show, I wasn’t sure what this was about, but I remember the excitement I felt when The Phantom Menace started (and my subsequent disappointment, so I guess I could relate. What I couldn’t relate to was the “oooing” and “ahhing” every time someone came on wearing a fancy dress. Sure, they were nice clothes, but I just can’t get excited about an outfit that costs more than my car. These women can.

What I noticed about this film, too, was that the underlying messages were a) expensive clothes and purses can change your life and actually bring you love, b) men do nothing except hurt women, and c) a woman can’t actually hurt a man, no matter what she does, unless he deserves it. Really, for a show about 4 liberated city girls, stereotypes abounded.

And, as I looked at all the women in the theatre, mesmerized by the shiney things on the screen, I got to thinking: have we really come very far in the past 100 years? Are these women really free, liberated women, or have they traded up to a gilded cage?


4 Responses to “Intimate relations, as well as the metropolitan area in which many people live and work”

  1. This is like dudes and cars. My boss was one of those Sex & The City ladies, she also believed in The Secret. Its this shit that really made me hate working in a fashion related industry. Its all Very Important, but horrible and incomprehensible to anyone with a lick of sense.

  2. I don’t like cars, though!

    Maybe it’s like geeks and comics?

  3. I guess I mean its more the material representation of something in your psyche.

    I like cars. I just bought a new one. In fact I feel weird about this. The reason being is that I could have gotten like the shoebox that gets 50mpg. Instead I got a Pontiac G6 Coupe. Somehow this like challenged my ego, to think about getting the tiny ass economy car. I also didn’t want to get a 4-door, as I thought it’d be seen as an ‘old man’ car. Some weird shit going on in the mind sometime. I mean, I didn’t go into hock to get a Mustang GT because I’m insecure about my manhood or anything, but still it was a curious thing to see how a part of my ego/identity was tied to some material thing.

  4. […] show. the theatre was literally packed with 20 something to 40 something women, dressed in t…Carrie’s purses are towering triumphs The Argus LeaderOn “Sex and the City” the TV show, Carrie […]

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