When I saw the 1st trailer for The Incredible Hulk, I wasn’t impressed. The second trailer was a little better, but still just “meh.” However, I love this new trailer.

Compare that with the opening for the TV series with Bill Bixby:



2 Responses to “Incredible.”

  1. As an entertaining movie goes, I think this one looks to be on track. Basically the Hulk fucks up the Army, then fucks up the Abomination, while fucking up the landscape around him. The Hulk fucks shit up. Its who he is, its what he does. This movie looks like it knows that.

    I think the only divisive issue is going to be do you like big cgi Hulk or not?

  2. Why are they making this again? I didn’t see all of the first film so I can’t judge. I saw the posters in Hong Kong yesterday. Edward Norton looks very bixby-esque. The old TV show was a Friday night staple when I was growing up.

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