You’re kidding me, right?

When I go to work, it’s like I’m camping. No, I don’t mean that I sit out and roast vegetarian hot dogs over an open flame; I mean that I carry so much crap. I have my bag with my laptop, books, paperwork, and whatnot, a second bag with my workout gear, a third for my lunch, and I’m usually carrying a coffee around.

When I get off work, sometimes I buy groceries. This means that my trip back to my apartment is harder than the trip to work. Because of this, I sometimes leave my stuff in the car to get later.

So, last night, I went out at about 1 AM to take out some trash and get my stuff from my car. On my way to my car from the dumpster, I was surprised by a stray cat. “Woah! Hello, little kitty,” I said. It just stared at me. Then, a second cat appeared, ran towards me, and stopped by the other cat. This was a little creepy. “Er…hi?” I whimpered, backing towards my apartment. Then, a third cat, a kitten, appeared. The cats just stared at me with sickly glowing yellow eyes. My parking lot turned into Village of That Darned Cat! Giving up on making it to my car, I headed to the apartment, followed the whole way by these creepy, creepy cats.

This morning, I awoke to find that overnight, thieves broke into my car and stole my stereo (technically my brother’s stereo), and I don’t know what else. They ransacked my car, and didn’t have the decency to close my door afterwards, so it rained in my car all night.

(My Mountain Goats CD, Heretic Pride, was in the stereo. I don’t illegally download music, but I also refuse to pay twice for a CD, so I guess I’ll just never have that one again.)

Anyway, it’s obvious that these cats were working with the thieves in some sinister network of orphan animals and cutpurses.

Artist\'s rendition of one of the suspects, with wis company

3 Responses to “You’re kidding me, right?”

  1. Maybe the cats were the thieves. I hear they love Heretic Pride.

  2. That really sucks, that your car got jacked.

    Hope the thieves smell like cat-ladies forever.

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