In Memoriam…(NSFW)

George Carlin has died.

The seven words:

NSFW…I mean, come on…he’s dead. I couldn’t wuss out and go with an edited clip!

(Actually, I’m at work, so I could only preview it enough to make sure it was unedited)


2 Responses to “In Memoriam…(NSFW)”

  1. James Dub Says:

    I was really sad to hear this last night. I loved George Carlin and thought he was a great comedian. I’m sure this doesn’t come as a big surprise after we really stop to think about it, because George has definitely been going downhill the past 10 years. That does not make this any less sad though. He is no going to the great place for stuff in the sky and now he can have as much stuff as he wants and have plenty of place to store his stuff. I offer my stuff to george. Go george.

  2. UncleTigger Says:

    Hey, you mean he was YOUNG once?.

    You know, I never saw that before, but I often heard my yank friends refer to it. Thanks mate, that was funny stuff.

    (Actually, he was saying it was wrong to have that sort of censorship, but maybe we have traded away our safety for some spurious freedoms?. “progress”, I guess)

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