Break in at chez nova

I got home last night to find my back door wide open, one of my cats missing, and a buch of my shit taken. The cat came back, which is the only thing preventing me from going all vigilante-death wish on some motherfuckers right now.

They did get my laptop. And all my discs with my writing from the last 2 or 3 years. So right now, as a writer, I’m completely demoralized and considering an occupation where the theft of something the size of my pinky can’t ruin my life (That’s my flash drive, not my laptop.).

They also got my XBox. You know…that super top secret XBox I talked about on my birthday. GONE. And my DVD player. So, even though they left my TV and most of my DVDs, I can’t watch anything.

They got my digital camera. So no more YouTube posts.

They also got some DVDs from the library. And some games I borrowed off my friend Rob. And a game and controler I borrowed off my friend Tom. So, you know, not only did I lose shit, but now I owe people money that I don’t have. This means that, because of these motherfucking bastards, I have to get a second job.

Besides shit that they took, they also ransacked my entire place, probably looking for drugs.

The end result: I owe people money, my hand hurts (maybe broken…I can’t afford to go to the hospital to find out) from putting it through a wall when I found out my laptop and discs were gone, and since it’s obvious that my neighborhood is becoming a high crime area (my car stereo was stolen last week, and there was another break in a few days ago), I’ve got to find a new place.

Seriously, can someone check to see if I have a sign on my back?


8 Responses to “Break in at chez nova”

  1. Oh NO!!!

    I am so sorry to hear about all this! Honey!
    I’m glad that you, the otter and the cats are ok! But that sucks!! Like, a lot. I’m very sorry that you have to go thru all this.

    Did you file a police report and everything? Maybe if there have been several break ins, they will catch the people. Maybe you can recover at least a little of what you lost?

    Let chris and I know if there is anything that we can do.
    Much love,

  2. Thanks!

    Yeah, I filed a police report. I also yelled at the Sheriff that these break-ins keep happening, and they can’t do anything about it, yet I got pulled over less than a block away from my house for running a stop sign! I probably shouldn’t yell at cops, huh?

  3. Christ. People are fucking horrible.

    Moving would be very, very good.

    I’m so glad your cat came back… that would have made things 100x worse if you’d lost a little loved one.

    If there’s anything I can do to help, lemme know.

  4. Jeez… your landlord/lady/person should seriously be paying you to live there. The stuff can be replaced, but to lose all your writing just plain sucks. And the cops will only do anything if there’s financial gain to be had, so you’re SOL there.

    Start storing your files online! And yeah, get out of that place as soon as you can!

  5. This is really shitty, I was over there helping to look for the cat and keep Jason from getting taken to jail for flipping out on everyone. They had to be looking for drugs the way they went through stuff. Problem, Jason can’t move when he has no money and owes people money and has 3 cats! Trust me, if there were no cats involved (I already have 2 and asthma) I would have packed up what was left and had everything including Jason staying here for a while!

  6. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear. I made a joke about the x-box on the other post, not realizing…

    I remember you just got your car mugged. You don’t think it’s a personal vendetta, do you? Sucks. That just sucks. Sucks.

    Maybe they’ll catch them. Maybe the library can help…. chances are they’re gonna try and sell a lot of your shit, not keep it. You might be able to get these guys. If it’s local, it’s possible.

    So sorry you’re going through all that.

  7. The idea of losing all your writing is horrible. I live in the middle of the Akron Ghetto and one day it occured to me that a break in would cost me all my writing. I freaked out and began carrying a jumpdrive with me everywhere so that I’d have my work. Then I realized I could just email them to myself, which is what I did.

    I’m really sorry for you man. That kind of stuff is irreplacable.

  8. Jay: That sucks. I’m so sorry. When I used to couch-surf my car was broken into and all my stuff stolen. It blew. It hurt.

    I hope things look up.

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