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What I got going on…

Posted in Writing on 31 July 2008 by jason

Here’s a list of what I’m doing this week:

Finishing up the Semester at the Writing Center
Finalizing a PowerPoint presentation for said Writing Center
Writing a book review for The Ohioana Quarterly
Writing the back cover blurbs for three cartoons for My Very Own Adventure
Doing some voice-acting (!) for one of the cartoons
Preparing a 20 minute presentaion for the North East Ohio Writing Center Conference

Of course, I procrastinate like a muthafucka, so this stuff will probably all get done at the last minute, and, as usual, it will be AWESOME.

Zombie Webcomic

Posted in Comics, inturwebs, Zombies! on 31 July 2008 by jason

Everyone should read The Zombie Hunters by Jenny Romanchuk. Now.

Zombie attack in Canada?

Posted in News, Zombies! on 31 July 2008 by jason

This is fucked up. You can’t make this shit up.

The full story.

And when we all got up, we saw that the guy was cutting off the guy’s head[…]There was no rage or anything. He was like a robot, stabbing the guy.

Zombiefest I! I Am Legend

Posted in Movies, Zombies! on 31 July 2008 by jason

Ok, so every night or so this week, I’ve been trying to watch a different zombie film. I’m doing research for a comic idea I have, so I’m immersing myself in all things undead and shambling. I figured, “Hey! Why not review the movies you watched!” Great idea, jay!

So, that brings us to the first instalment (actually, 2nd, if you count last week’s 28 days later), I Am Legend.

I’m not going to get to spoilery here (though that’s not to say that nothing will be spoiled, so be warned!!!), so don’t worry. I’m mainly reviewing these films based on “realism,” intelligence of the characters, zombie effects, and what not. This isn’t science…I don’t have a formal code for this.

Anyway…I Am Legend. It’s better than I thought. Will Smith usually plays this action roles as the likable, funny good guy, but not in this one. His sense of humor works as a way to keep his sanity in a world where he may very well be The Last Man On Earth. The stupid decisions he does make (Shooting up the street, wrecking his car) all make sense as he’s losing his mind, as well as his will to live. 8 out of 10 survivor points.

The realism aspect is kind of inconsistant. I mean, the world looks like it might if an event had killed everyone. Cars litter the streets, and wild animals, as well as plants, have reclaimed parts of the city. So…where does Dr. Neville get electricity to power his TV and VCR? How is he cooking? Surely, with no one manning the public power stations, there would be no power? A generator? Ok, but where’s he getting fuel? 4 out of 10 apocalypse points.

I Hated the Zombie effects. They were done with CGI, making them look like they were made of water. Zombies should be very…well, fleshy. I would rather the rest of the movie be CGI, and the only human actors be zombies. Still, they were creeopy, and I can believe that they could do some serious damage. Fast zombies are scary. 4 out of 10 points of decomposition.

Overall, I liked this one. I probably won’t buy it or anything, unless I find a cheep copy, used. Still it’s worth a rent.


Posted in Haiku a day on 31 July 2008 by jason

Moments of cool breeze
between stagnant bouts of heat-
ocillating fan.


Posted in Haiku a day on 30 July 2008 by jason

The grey afternoon
gives no relief from the heat-
a false promise.


Posted in Haiku a day on 29 July 2008 by jason

Buzzing cicadas
blend with the summer’s cadence-
resounding silence.


Posted in Haiku a day on 29 July 2008 by jason

In the summer’s haze
the air becomes tangible,
suffocates the sun.

Mixtape: HOF II (or, Thank You Trent Reznor)

Posted in Music, Sports on 27 July 2008 by jason

As you all know by now, when I run a race, I make a mixtape specifically for the race. I try to use songs with the tempo that I will need at the moment the song is playing, so there is a science behind it. Anyway, here’s the mixtape for this years HOF race:

We Are Scientists-Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt
Pulp-Disco 2000
The Mountain Goats-No, I Can’t
Balthrop, Alabama-Another Hell to Live in
Nine Inch Nails-1,000,000
Weezer-Perfect Situation

This was a great mix! It started fast and uptempo, continues with teh upbeat “Disco 2000”, then went to the steadily driving “No, I Can’t”. It could have been a mistake to use this song because of the title (my last mix tape for a race included a tMG song that had the line “If the strain proves too much/ give up right away”) but it wasn’t. Next was Balthrop, Alabama’s “Another Hell to Live in”, which was the rythym to keep me going without overpacing myself. The last song was intended to be “1,000,000” by Nine inch Nails, but iI knew it would start too early, so I would need “Perfect Situation” as a buffer at the end.

Anyway, the great thing was that when 1,000,000 stopped, I was still a ways away from the finish, so I sped up, thinking I was doing poorly. What I didn’t realize (because I had only gotten the album The Slip earlier in the week) was that the stop is halfway through the song. It goes silent, then continues 5 seconds later. When it started back up, I realized that I was making good time, and I was energized just as I made it to the final hill. I actually crossed the finish line before “Perfect Situation” started!

This was one of the better race mixes I’ve made. I’ll see if I can top it in the next race.

Loneliness of the Middle Distance Runner II: The Revenge

Posted in Exercise, otter, Sports, Toilets on 27 July 2008 by jason

This time, it’s personal.

OK, I’ll admit that I’ve fallen behind on my Haiku-a-day project. I have anexcuse…I was mentally preparing to run in the Pro Footbal Enshrinement Festival (take a breath) 2 mile race today at 8:20 AM.

All in all, I think I did pretty well. I beat my time from last year, coming in this year at 18:43:90. The otter’s sister beat me by about 20 seconds, and the otter herself beat me by about 50 seconds. That’s OK…I wasn’t racing them; I was racing me. Oh, and some guy who ended up beside me at the end. Beat him too.

There were some minor problems. I didn’t notice the bathroom situation this year, as I didn’t have to use one, but other things were odd. After we walked to the starting line, the organizeers dove a car onto the track to show off their mascot, Pigskin. The car was only going about 5 MPH, but it was still dangerous; there were 882 runners lining up, some with headphones. Oh, and because the brakes were bad, those of us without headphones (mine were still turned off) were treated to a long, consistant, whining squeal.

Also, there was no “On your marks, get set…” type of warning. We were all standing around talking, then suddenly, the airhorn went off and we were running.

Besides these problems, it was a good experience. The weather was nice, the track was clear, and the runners were courteous, for the most part.

That last hill is still a bitch, though.