Haven’t been around much…

I just got Microsoft Live Writer working at home again, so I hope to get back to blogging regularly in addition to the “Haiku a Day” entries.  I still have no Internet access from home, but Live Writer lets me write and format my post from home, save it, then upload it when I can get to a computer with the Internet.

This week’s been pretty weird.  I’ve become obsessed with the XBox game Jade Empire.  I’m pretty sure I’ll have it beat in a day or two.  I’ve also been listening to David Bowie’s Lodger and Station to Station on LP pretty much non-stop.  Station to Station is one of The Thin White Duke’s most coked-out albums, so listening to it so much cannot be healthy.

The otter’s had some problems with a couple members of her family; she’s a private person, so I won’t discuss that.  If she wants to, she can comment below.  Everyone should wish/pray/cast magic spells/evoke the Old Ones so that the situation resolves itself without causing any more damage.


3 Responses to “Haven’t been around much…”

  1. Note: This post is not sponsered by Microsoft!

  2. I’ll send out good wishes to the cosmos with the Otter in mind.

    Livewriter? You like it? I used the beta version and wasn’t a real fan. I should check out the latest incarnation.

  3. LiveWriter is not perfect, but it lets me lay things out before I publish them. The main problem with it is that if I have to edit the entry later, after I’ve published it, there’s all sorts of weird code in the wordpress dashboard editor.

    And I’ll tell the otter about your good wishes!

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