The Presidential Nomination: A Racial Race?

My older relatives often speak of the “good ol’ days”…you know, the days when everyone said “Sir” or “M’am”, no one spat on the sidewalks, and everyone knew which fountain to drink from. There were, admittedly, racist times, but people didn’t know better, and ignorance is bliss.

I like to think that we live in more enlightened times, but the fact remains that our inherited racist legacy affects us to this day. And, as liberal as I like to think I am, it is giving me pause as I choose who to vote for.

See, my great-grandparents lived in a time where people of certain races couldn’t have certain jobs because, well, they just aren’t the right race for it. So, I’ll quote something that was written on signs all over America in the 20’s and 30’s, but I think it applies here:

Hey, John McCain,
Irish need not apply.

There, I said it. I don’t want a Mick for president!

That’s why I’m voting for O’bama.

Oh…wait a minute…


4 Responses to “The Presidential Nomination: A Racial Race?”

  1. Irish need not apply, huh?
    Maybe we should go check our heritage.
    I guess nobody can apply.

    I know that sucks but it is my first try on a Haiku in about 40 years!

  2. UncleTigger Says:

    You got a grin from me. I ought to have known better but then I know you often WILL write things with painful honesty/tongue in cheek and I must admit your third paragraph there made me sort of frown, distressed but respectful at your introspection and self analyst . . . .

    Caught, hook line and sinker.


    ( In the interests of self-disclosure, I myself struggle with bigotry and prejudice, I try not to do it but it is second nature to dislike the Dutch).

  3. I’m not sure that when someone says ‘Ah I miss the good old days.’ the implication is ‘You know what was the best thing? The racism.’

  4. Tigger-that’s funny…I was taking to someone I know from Ukraine (he lives in Canton, Ohio now), and he said his ex left him for someone from Holland. Then he said, “Fucking Dutch. Fuck them and their fucking wooden shoes.”

    Jayson-actually, some of my relatives would probably say just that.

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