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I’m sure that this will be pulled off the internet before long, but here’s the trailer to Watchmen.

NOTE: I’ve read the graphic novel MANY, MANY times, so if I say something that doesn’t match up with the book, I’m being deliberately misleading. I encourage EVERYONE WHO READS THIS POST to read Watchmen.

Here’s what I think:
1) Opening scene with Jon/Manhattan-OK, we’re off to a good start. I like the pause to marvel at what’s happening right before he is torn to atoms (literally).
2)The Owl-Ship (Archie)-Looking good. Actually, this looks exactly like the comic. Color me impressed.
3)Laurie, Laurie, Laurie…what the fuck are you wearing?
4)Nite-Owl kicking the guy looks alright, but a little too 300. Still, the costume doesn’t look to armored, which is what I was afraid of. I can believe I guy could move around in that get-up. Nite-Owl from the book could have never pulled that off.
5)Comedian goes out the window. THIS! IS! NEW YORK!!!!!! (Too special-effecty)
6)Hey Ozy…why so emo?
7)Manhattan scares a janitor, just like in the book. Good, good…
8)Owlship and City…again, this looks just right to me.
9)RORSCHACH!! Burn those muthafuckas! (This is identical to the book. Very nice.)
10)Laurie goes to the Nerd Prom (San Diego Comic Con)in cosplay, apparently.
11)Three Doctor Manhattans are better than one. (He looks great!)
12)Nite-Owl dresses like Batman, acts like Batman, still manages not to look like Batman. I’m down with that, as long as he doesn’t do that through the entire movie. Oh, and he’s too skinny.
13) Funeral looks great. Only our enemies leave roses.
14)Vietnam. It looks like a cartoon (or a stage production). Not impressed. Comedian looks good, though.
15)Protesters, I’m assuming in the 70’s. That’s the only place in the book I can think of that would have firebombs. This would be during the police strike.
16) Nice placement of the “God help us all.” I can’t think of who is saying that.
17)Manhattan! This looks EXACTLY like a shot from the comic.
18)Nice kiss. Nice interaction with CGI, as it looks like he’s really there. Reminds me of Star Trek, the Motion Picture. (NO, I’m NOT a Trekkie)
19)Comedian vs. the guy who broke into his apartment. I can see why the Comedian was considered a badass.
20)Rorschach is a badass, too.
21)So is Ozy. The effects in this fight are OK. I imaging Ozy would fight using lots of effects. I’m not sure what that last sentence means.
22)Don’t cry, Nite-Owl! (I wish his suit were less leathery)
23)TAKE THAT, CHARLIE!!! (This shot looks EXACTLY like the comic. It seems they spent some extra time with the Manhattan scenes.)
24)More 70s riots, I presume.
25)THE DARK RORSCHACH RETURNS. Not a fan of these two shots, though I said the line with him.
26) Again, Manhattan’s stuff looks great. This scene looks different than the book, but it still looks great.
27) I LOVE that they didn’t fuck with the logo.

So, what do you all think?


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A sweeping brush-stroke–
The moon, rising from the east,
Paints the sky orange.


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Black squirrels frolicking
all around the verdant trees
on Kent’s main campus.