Last night, I went with the otter to see The Incredible Hulk at our second-run theatre. It was…better than the last Hulk movie. There was much more action, better effects, and a (somewhat) believable villain. Still, it felt two-dimensional. Not as two-dimensional as Liv Tyler’s acting in it, mind you, but still…

The best part is when The Hulk uses a ripped-in-half police car as a pair of Hulk Hands!

Anyway, here’s a clip:

2 Responses to “Incredible?”

  1. SMASH!

    I liked this, it was nowhere near Iron Man or Dark Knight, but it was entertaining none-the-less. I was talking about this with some folks from work and I think the consensus was that the Hulk just isn’t a good vehicle for drama since the character is mostly inarticulate and even when not, is still an incredibly primitive character. I’ve also read that there is about 70 minutes of “Bruce Banner whining” that was cut from this, so there is the possibility of a better cut sometime in the future. Remember the whole more daddy issues/less SMASH was what sunk the last one. Some of my enjoyment here was just lower expectations, I wanted to see the Hulk FSU and that’s what I got.

  2. mercury727 Says:

    I went along to my local cinematorium only to find they had stopped playing this one just a few days prior, twas annoying that. Looks like an enjoyable enough diversion too…

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