Mixtape: HOF II (or, Thank You Trent Reznor)

As you all know by now, when I run a race, I make a mixtape specifically for the race. I try to use songs with the tempo that I will need at the moment the song is playing, so there is a science behind it. Anyway, here’s the mixtape for this years HOF race:

We Are Scientists-Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt
Pulp-Disco 2000
The Mountain Goats-No, I Can’t
Balthrop, Alabama-Another Hell to Live in
Nine Inch Nails-1,000,000
Weezer-Perfect Situation

This was a great mix! It started fast and uptempo, continues with teh upbeat “Disco 2000”, then went to the steadily driving “No, I Can’t”. It could have been a mistake to use this song because of the title (my last mix tape for a race included a tMG song that had the line “If the strain proves too much/ give up right away”) but it wasn’t. Next was Balthrop, Alabama’s “Another Hell to Live in”, which was the rythym to keep me going without overpacing myself. The last song was intended to be “1,000,000” by Nine inch Nails, but iI knew it would start too early, so I would need “Perfect Situation” as a buffer at the end.

Anyway, the great thing was that when 1,000,000 stopped, I was still a ways away from the finish, so I sped up, thinking I was doing poorly. What I didn’t realize (because I had only gotten the album The Slip earlier in the week) was that the stop is halfway through the song. It goes silent, then continues 5 seconds later. When it started back up, I realized that I was making good time, and I was energized just as I made it to the final hill. I actually crossed the finish line before “Perfect Situation” started!

This was one of the better race mixes I’ve made. I’ll see if I can top it in the next race.


3 Responses to “Mixtape: HOF II (or, Thank You Trent Reznor)”

  1. *Yay for you!* Was “the otter with you for this one? Tell her I say “hey,” will you? She’s cool.

    I’m trying to do better about reading your super-cool blog.

  2. And no, this is not a teenager commenting. I realize I used “cool” twice. Wouldn’t we call that “anemic diction” in the writing center?

  3. Good job Jason (Kelly too!), sorry we didn’t make it over to watch and meet Kelly’s family.

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