What I got going on…

Here’s a list of what I’m doing this week:

Finishing up the Semester at the Writing Center
Finalizing a PowerPoint presentation for said Writing Center
Writing a book review for The Ohioana Quarterly
Writing the back cover blurbs for three cartoons for My Very Own Adventure
Doing some voice-acting (!) for one of the cartoons
Preparing a 20 minute presentaion for the North East Ohio Writing Center Conference

Of course, I procrastinate like a muthafucka, so this stuff will probably all get done at the last minute, and, as usual, it will be AWESOME.


3 Responses to “What I got going on…”

  1. mercury727 Says:

    in the spirit of this fine post i shall procrastinate a great deal before pressing ‘Submit Comment’

    there, ellipses totally rule as a symbolic waste of time!

  2. Yes, they do.

    (I used to love it when Golgo 13 would speak entirely in ellipses.)

  3. mercury727 Says:

    When given the choice between a longer word and a slightly shorter word for something, people tend to go with the shorter.

    In the future we shall all speak in silence!

    …or three little dots.

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