Zombie Webcomic

Everyone should read The Zombie Hunters by Jenny Romanchuk. Now.

4 Responses to “Zombie Webcomic”

  1. I read though all of this. It was pretty good although the pacing seems off, like I want her to do a whole book and then put it out. I totally hated the character design though, mostly awful. Even if Japan is your favorite thing not everyone has to look like a manga character.

  2. See, what I likes about it is that it only does the manga look in scenes where it made sense to, and mostly only between Jenny and Sammie. In scenes that are more serious, the tone changes.

    I am just happy that there’s a free zombie comic! If she ever collects it, I’ll buy it!

  3. This is sort of weird, while I really like that comic and will continue reading it (props for posting about it) I’m kinda falling out of love with zombies lately.

  4. Despite being a comics fan, I’ve never bothered with webcomics. But I’ll give this one a look thanks to zombies. BOOKMARKED!

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