Zombiefest I! I Am Legend

Ok, so every night or so this week, I’ve been trying to watch a different zombie film. I’m doing research for a comic idea I have, so I’m immersing myself in all things undead and shambling. I figured, “Hey! Why not review the movies you watched!” Great idea, jay!

So, that brings us to the first instalment (actually, 2nd, if you count last week’s 28 days later), I Am Legend.

I’m not going to get to spoilery here (though that’s not to say that nothing will be spoiled, so be warned!!!), so don’t worry. I’m mainly reviewing these films based on “realism,” intelligence of the characters, zombie effects, and what not. This isn’t science…I don’t have a formal code for this.

Anyway…I Am Legend. It’s better than I thought. Will Smith usually plays this action roles as the likable, funny good guy, but not in this one. His sense of humor works as a way to keep his sanity in a world where he may very well be The Last Man On Earth. The stupid decisions he does make (Shooting up the street, wrecking his car) all make sense as he’s losing his mind, as well as his will to live. 8 out of 10 survivor points.

The realism aspect is kind of inconsistant. I mean, the world looks like it might if an event had killed everyone. Cars litter the streets, and wild animals, as well as plants, have reclaimed parts of the city. So…where does Dr. Neville get electricity to power his TV and VCR? How is he cooking? Surely, with no one manning the public power stations, there would be no power? A generator? Ok, but where’s he getting fuel? 4 out of 10 apocalypse points.

I Hated the Zombie effects. They were done with CGI, making them look like they were made of water. Zombies should be very…well, fleshy. I would rather the rest of the movie be CGI, and the only human actors be zombies. Still, they were creeopy, and I can believe that they could do some serious damage. Fast zombies are scary. 4 out of 10 points of decomposition.

Overall, I liked this one. I probably won’t buy it or anything, unless I find a cheep copy, used. Still it’s worth a rent.


11 Responses to “Zombiefest I! I Am Legend”

  1. I would view this, if any one but Will Smith was starring. He drives me mad. Him and Tom Cruise. I boycott their films on general principal.

  2. Nothing beats Heston in the Omega Man version of this story. There is also an extremely poorly done version starring Vincent Price which is worth watching because it stars Vincent Price called The Last Man on Earth. That one is actually the most faithful to the story.

  3. Stevo…As a rule, I agree, thouugh Mission Impossible 3 iwth Cruise was awesome (1 was was OK…2 sucked).

    Smith actually surprised me in this one. He usually tries to be too likeable, but he actually pulls of the “I’m crazy because I haven’t talked to a human in 3 years” thing.

    Jayson-I’m reading the book right now, so after I’m finished, I will try to trach down the other movies. I knew that the Will Smith version was pretty unfaithful (I’ve read some of I Am Legend before) so I knew I’d be fairly safe from spoilage.

  4. I own them both, just remind me and I’ll lend them to you. The Vincent Price disk is an awesome double feature that also has the original House on Haunted Hill.

  5. Also just thinking, if you need more zombie action, I can get my copy of WWZ back from Pat and I have Return of the Living Dead, the unofficial sequel to Night of the Living Dead.

  6. I would like to see Return of the Living Dead, as well as the I am Legend adaptations. I’ve actually read World War Z, and it is awesome.

    I checked out Night of the Living Dead (Which has scratches on it, so it doesn’t play right)…it is the anniversary edition, with new music (which sucks) with newly filmed scenes with the first cemetary zombie (the new scenes suck, but you can watch the movie without the scenes).

  7. I liked this one, too.

    Is Black Sheep on your zombie-flicks list?

  8. Black Sheep should definitely be part of Zombiefest. That movie made me laugh and cringe.

  9. The Omega Man will stand as my favorite take on I Am Legend, but I really enjoyed this one. Definitely was worth going to the theater for and worth a rental for anyone who hasn’t seen it already.

    The alternate ending can be found on YouTube and is good for a laugh.

  10. RE: the alternate ending…

    not to give spoilers away, but I’ve read articles saying that the alternate ending was superior, and that the new ending missed the point of the rest of the movie, but I disagree. I’d have to watch it again, but even with what we’ll call the “blood butterfly” scene, I still think that the zombies were the bad guys, whether they could reason or not.

    (in fact, if they really could reason, it makes them evil, as opposed to just savage)

  11. Yeah, I actually prefer the theatrical ending and found the alternate to be a bit silly.

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