Zombiefest I: Resident Evil: Extinction

Another film I watched for my Zombiefest this week was Resident Evil: Extinction, starring Milla Jovovich, some people I don’t care about, Jessica/Nikki from Heroes, and the guy who played Hamlet in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.

The Zombie effects were nice. Again, like in the previous movies in the series (and the previous movies I watched during Zombiefest), these were fast zombies. Of couse, these ones were played for their action potential, so these ones were less scary and more explody. Still, they looked pretty undead. 7 out of ten bite marks.

The survivors, for the most part, did what they could to survive. They mostly stayed together, had portable shelter, and traveled with soldiers who knew what they were doing. Still, I don’t care how much you need a smoke, DO NOT GET SEPARATED FROM YOUR GROUP! Also, and I shouldn’t have to warn you about spoilers, the one guy gets bitten but doesn’t tell anyone. He didn’t seem to worried about it though…just a little concerned. Idiot. 5 out of 10 survivors.

The world was pretty cool. Scientists secretly live underground while mankind travels in small bands, looting cities and towns as they go. I could buy that. 8 out of 10 ruined cities.

Anything else? Well, and I will give the SPOILER ALERT here, but it steals a lot from anime. Alice’s psychic combat with Dr. Isaacs was a lot like the Kay/Tetsuo battle in Akira, and the movie was rife with things stolen from Evangelion, including the very Gendo-like Wesker, the hologram meetings with the other facilities, and the SPOILER!!! army of Alices at the end.

Worth a watch, but not a buy.


5 Responses to “Zombiefest I: Resident Evil: Extinction”

  1. I watched Diary of the Dead last week. Will that be part of Zombiefest? I’m interested in your thoughts.

  2. The Alice/Nemesis fight in 2 was fun. I wasn’t as much into this, but will watch 4 when its out.

  3. Stevo…if my library gets Diary of the Dead, I’ll get to see it. i think I’ve actuially exhausted their zombie supply, which means I have about 3 more movies to discuss, then zombiefest is over.

    Jayson, yeah, it was a fun fight, but like 3, I just couldn’t care about any of the characters. And the acting was BAD. Oh, and Jill Valentine looked like she was going to nerd prom in cosplay.

    Sorry…I have an irrational hatred of RE:2.

  4. For me RE1 was the bad one. I have been at my limit for “cast subtraction” action/horror for years and years now. For me the only two movies that get it right are Aliens and Predator. Every other movie of this type seems have really bad acting and is filled with moments that are like ‘Ok, 20 minutes since the last death, script says you go do something stupid and die. Action!’

    The RE movies have kinda stayed with it, but the B-movie sci-fi elements they bring have kept me entertained.

  5. The only thing for me that makes RE: 1 watchable is that the soundtrack is good, and it works well with the movie. Any other soundtrack would have rendered the movie unwatchable. And don’t tell Tom, but Michelle Rodriguez sucked in it.

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