When there’s no room in Hell, go to Canada!

Thanks to Jeshi for pointing this out!

More zombie-like attacks in Canada!

Here are some quotes, taken completely out of context to suit my needs:

In another incident that occurred within the past seven days, a paramedic was pulled to the floor of an ambulance and bitten on the shoulder.

And four paramedics were physically challenged recently while trying to care for a combative patient in a separate attack.

[…]Paramedics are now issued protective vests they can wear at their discretion, and they also receive self-defence training in the event of an attack.

Where are Jenny Romanchuk and the Zombie Hunters when you need them?

2 Responses to “When there’s no room in Hell, go to Canada!”

  1. It’s totally true. Haven’t you visited God Hates Canada yet?

  2. Only tangentially related, but did you hear about all the severed feet that were washing to shore earlier this summer? I think that was in Canada, too. As far as I know, they never figured out where the feet were coming from.

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