Zombiefest I: Zombie Honeymoon

The last of the zombie movies I watched this week (read: The last one they had at the library) was Zombie Honeymoon, a tale of love, marriage, and bloodlust. In a nutshell, Denise and Danny get married, and decide to start their dream lives. Unfortunately, at the beginning of their honeymoon, Danny is attacked by a zombie and dies. He comes back, though, in good spirits and hungry for his new wife’s love. And human flesh.

As Danny slowly becomes a zombie, Denise must choose between her husband and his need to eat everyone he meets, or her own sanity.

Ok, the ratings:

As far as believing Danny is a zombie, I like the film’s approach. He starts off looking and acting fine, but becomes more distand (and more rotten) as the film progresses, untill he looks like a traditional zombie. 8 out of 10 peices of desiccated flesh.

The world was fairly believable. The police suspect Danny of the killings that have happened lately, but can’t prove it. They harass him and his wife, but have nothing that they can actually bring him in with. There was nothing particularly remarkable about the setting…I imaging budget constraints meant that they had to film where they could…5 out of 10 nosey cops.

The people in this movie don’t make great decisions. they hang around Danny, even as his flesh is falling off, they ignore bloodstains, his wife helps him hide the bodies…everyone is just asking to die. 2 out of 10 survivors.

Again, like the other movies I watched this week, this one is worth watching, but I wouldn’t buy it.


4 Responses to “Zombiefest I: Zombie Honeymoon”

  1. I hated this movie. I used to work at a video store and got my hands on a DVD screener of this before it was released. I was extremely bored with it. It’s just a terribly slow moving and cheap movie. Cheap can sometimes lead to fun, but not in this case. I turned it off about half way through.

  2. That looks awful.

  3. It can never be a dull night when you rent a ‘straight-to-dvd’ zombie movie

  4. I’m in. All I have to do is find it.

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