On-Line gaming…

I’m going to return to the usual haiku and review sort of stuff I do on this blog tomorrow (I’m giving my brain a break after that last week!), but I wanted to tell everyone that I’m playing Nation States. It’s fun, and it’s slllooooowwwwww (You get to make 1 or 2 decisions a day). Anyway, do you think you can lead a country? Give it a shot! Look me up! I’m the president of The United Socialist States of Jaynova!


4 Responses to “On-Line gaming…”

  1. Ok, so I started playing this and got all excited, now I am not so sure. I got the uranium mining question. So I picked the answer that we could do a little mining but still preserve most of the rainforest. So after that cycled through, now my national animal is endangered because of heavy deforestation. I am kinda taking this as a WTF. What do you think, law of unintended consequences? I specifically said no to massive deforestation.

  2. Ok yeah, it’s supposed to be satirical, I read that on the wikipedia entry.

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