Get on the bus!

Well, my car finally broke down! The good news is that I’m off work for two weeks, so I have two weeks to figure out the bus schedule.

Yesterday, I rode the bus to the local college gym to work out. Besides getting what was one of my best workouts at the gym, I walked a total of 40 minutes (20 to the bus stop, 20 back) that i wouldn’t have done otherwise. I also walked to the grocery store, which is also about 20 minutes away.

Anyway, my legs are sore today, but I still managed to get out and run 2 miles, then walk to the mall (about 30-40 minutes away) to get some errands done. I’m exhausted, but that carbom footprint I’m leaving had gotten a little smaller!


4 Responses to “Get on the bus!”

  1. Woo-hoo!

    I long for a bus commute. Oh, the potential productivity one can have while being carted around! The people-watching is probably pretty good, too.

    Good for you. 🙂 Just never forget your umbrella.

  2. The thing about rural life is that there is no public transportation to speak of so if my mode of transportation decides to forsake me I’m screwed. Awesome on the workout though. Maybe reading this will motivate me…

    Nope. Didn’t motivate me.

  3. Hey, be thankful that your walk covers a relatively flat area! I live on top of a mountain, and the walk home after class is excruciating. I’m going to have calves like a mountain goat by December. 😉

  4. I’ve never seen John Darnielle’s calves.


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