Just stopping by for a couple of announcements. First of all, I know I haven’t been around much these last 2 weeks. I’m going back to work of Monday (we’re in-between semesters this week), so I’ll be posting more often when I’m closer to an internet connection.

Secondly, my third cartoon for My Very Own Adventure is done. It’s pretty cool in that I not only wrote it, but I did 2 of the voices (under the name Jay Nova, rather than J. Robert Novak…I though the credits were a little Novak-heavy!) Anyway, here it is. Bask in it, folks!

Lastly, I started reading Stephen King’s The Stand. I’m to the part were he introduces Larry Underwood, and so far, I’m not liking this book. The characters are hackneyed, all the references are dated and make no sense for a book taking place in 1990, and it kind of rambles. If any of you have read it, I ask, “Does it get better?” Should I keep reading, or should I abandon it before I’m 600 pages in and still irritated?


2 Responses to “Announcements”

  1. UncleTigger Says:

    You bloody beauty. I am proud I know you.

    You and me bro, fighting the rearguard action to the death, in the old tradition of teaching the kiddies that good people never cheat.

    Maybe instead of lamenting that children now are not taught that the Knight choses death before dishonour, and that loyalty is the finest virtue, I ought to write some books?.

    You are the man.

  2. I really like the voices and background sounds, especially the loudspeakers, very realistic. By far the best MVOA video yet!

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