Olympic Reflection

(Jayson, this will sound familiar…)

I missed most of the Olympics this time around, though I’ve never been a big fan anyway. I’ve never really liked sports, and I don’t get patriotism, so I’m nopt really the target audience. Watching Women’s fencing, I was surprised at how bland sword-fighting could be. I mean, come on! Women swinging swords at each other! That sounds great, but it’s boo-ring. I said to my friends, “This would be more interesting if it was to the death.”

That’s when I realized that ALL Olympic events would be more interesting if they were were to the death.

Think about it! No one leaves the fencing mat until someone dies! Yeah!
Or how about cycling? Everyone gets a spear or a wrench? Awesome.
Weightlifting to the death! All medals given posthumously.
Put a shark tank under the parallel bars! Landmines in the sand of the vollyball court! Archery at ten paces!

THAT, I would watch.


3 Responses to “Olympic Reflection”

  1. UncleTigger Says:

    Mate, have i got the series of books for YOU.

    Sadly only two books long, Phillip Jose Farmers’ “Hadon of ancient Opar”. and “Flight to Opar”. We got stilt-cities over lakes filled with mammoth crocadiles, sword fighting temple sweepers . . ONE ARMED sword fighting temple sweepers ! ! ! 111 , magic, and olympics of antiquite where the events are self selcting for the finalists . . . barehanded tiger-fighting, acrobatics over croc filled pits, no prizes for second place . . . well, no quarter for second place actually.
    Tarzan the immortal grey-eyed hunter stops past to smile on our hero Hadon.

    Probably need to hunt them down in a second hand shop. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hadon_of_Ancient_Opar

  2. I’m trying to get this in for the games after London:

    Monster Truck Jousting. I’m hoping to be part of the team that represents the USA.

    This is kinda similar to my idea to make soccer more exciting, two balls. Then you add a third ‘power ball’ which scores triple points, but also released attack dogs… something to think about anyway.

  3. And don’t forget the Golden Snitch.

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