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Learning to habla spanish

Posted in and other fun, Education, Language on 29 September 2008 by jason

I’ve decided, quite at random, to learn spanish. Or is it Spanish? I can never remember if languages get capitalized. Anyway, I’ve just started, so the only thing’s I’ve learned are:

* That upside-down punctuation can go in the middle of a sentence
* That “v” is pronounced as a “b.” I’m having trouble wrapping my tongue around that.
* That I can not roll my “r”s. At all. Does anyone know if that cripples me?

I’m learning from a book that comes with cassette tapes, which I think will be better than a class because I can go at my own pace. Wish me luck!

Get Low! (Cover, NSFW)

Posted in Cover Songs, Music on 28 September 2008 by jason

This is one song that needed more guitars. Courtesy YouTube. Not Safe for Work.


Posted in Haiku a day on 28 September 2008 by jason

In the midnight sky,
Cassiopeia hangs high,
Lazily watching.

Dream wisdom

Posted in Dreams on 26 September 2008 by jason

Two nights ago, I had a dream, the details of which I can not remember. However, I do remember that there was a man who gave me some advice. He said, “The way I see it, you’re born, you learn to speak, then your story begins.”

What the hell does that mean?

Jenny Lewis-Acid Tongue

Posted in Music on 26 September 2008 by jason

Tonight, I plan on buying Jenny Lewis’s new album, Acid Tongue. I’m posting this, which is the title track from the album, posted on YouTube by Jenny Lewis’s personal YouTube account (so it’s all official and junk).

Jenny Lewis!

Posted in Music on 25 September 2008 by jason

Jenny Lewis has a new album out, which I plan to get on payday. To celebrate, though, here’s a video from her last album. Enjoy!


Posted in Haiku a day on 24 September 2008 by jason

The birth of autumn;
The breeze is cool, the air, crisp—
A cruel summer’s death.