Ok…Meme time: Random Album Cover Art

I’m stealing this from this forum, which stole it from another.

Here’s a-what we’re a-gonna do.

First, go here, and write down the term that comes up. That’s the name of your band!

Next, go here. Look at the last quote. The last 4 or 5 (or 6) words are your album title!

After that, go to this page. Click on the 3rd pic, and that’s your cover art. Write down the photographer’s screen name of actual name, so that you can give him or her credit!

Next, use a photo editing program of your choice and put them together! You can get fonts to use for this from this page.

Finally, write a review of your fake-ass album. Post on your blog and tell me about it! (I don’t think you can put this in my comments, but if you can, feel free to. You could always post a link to a pic of your album cover, then write a review of the album.)

Here are the rules from the forum:


1. No partial re-rolling, eg: you don’t like your album cover then you have to get a new band name and album title too. You can fully re-roll as much as you like.
1a. Exceptions: when you have randomly selected the title of an existing band, or a band name/album title/image that someone else has used.

2. You can crop your picture to fit CD dimensions and resize it in either direction ’till it’s the right size, but it’s don’t drastically change the base image. You can add a border or something outside the image if it’s small or not square, in order to fit the album cover dimensions.

3. Feel free to break any of these rules, I suppose. It’s not like anyone can tell. But that does kind of spoil the whole exercise. If you cheat, have the decency to tell us!

Here is an example (without credit…I didn’t write it down. 😦 )




In 1980, no one could have predicted that this quintet from Scotland would go on to become indie-pop icons. On their latest release,
We are in the majority., Moroleon reminds everyone why they have achieved this status. Returning to their roots, the band is precious without being twee, ironic without being pretentious, and relevant without selling out. Really, any of these songs would have been at home on the band’s 1980 debut, Fiction Being Written Today. Front man Colin McKenna takes over on the piano on “the Known”, “Never seemed more learned” and “The Majority”, taking over for Ranolph Stuart, who succumbed tragically last year to pancreatic cancer. Even after this tragedy, however, the band still sounds as fresh as it did that cold December when they first came on the music scene.

5 stars

OK…I’m tagging:
Stevo(You can’t use one of your own pics)
Matt Mackey
Jayson(Again, use a random pic, not your own!)
Mercury(Same rules apply)
And Teaspoon


7 Responses to “Ok…Meme time: Random Album Cover Art”

  1. […] As per the request of Mister Jay Nova, one fictitious album cover for one fictitious band plus one fictitious review for the same, all […]

  2. mercury727 Says:

    done it! lived it! loved it!

  3. I’ve clicked through it several times, and come up with some pretty good ones, but am too lazy to actually compile and post one. Sorry!

  4. I’m terribly sorry I didn’t get this done, Jason. I started too, and it looked so cool, but I have my first stack of grading this weekend, and, well, yeah. I think I will still try to do this, and Ill definitely show you what I came up with. Don’t blacklist me, okay?

    Oh, and will you read my poem on the forum and tell me what you think? I’d hugely appreciate it!

  5. Le premier album des Florida Oaks…

    Ne cherchez pas cet album dans les bacs des disquaires… car il n’existe pas.
    Dommage, j’aurais bien vu les Florida Oaks comme un chaînon entre Oasis et Rage Against The Machine 😀

    L’album tout comme l’artiste sont totalement fictifs…….

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