Album Meme: My Favorite Fake Albums

An imaginary album from Borges Records…

Ahhh…high school. I’ll admit it. I got caught up in the whole “alternative” thing. It’s funny, looking back, that we weren’t really sure what are music and clothing were an alternative to. Anyway, if you were in high school in the mid ’90s, you probably remember Dens invaginatis. Headed by Tricia Lean, they were kind of looked at as a low-rent 4-Non-Blondes. You can probably find their debut album, Coming Up It! in the discount bin today. If you do find it, GRAB IT. This album was before Tricia made a fool of herself, clinging to the arms of her more famous lovers (Scott Weiland, Dave Navarro, Courtney Love), and it shows that there was a talent there, before the drugs and the arrests. “Choking to death” rocks as hard as Nirvana, while “Rust Out,” about her grandfather’s (James Lean of the 70’s folk group The Holding Office) fight with Alzheimer’s is a soft, heartfelt dirge. If you’ve heard any other albums from Dens invaginatis, (especially the TERRIBLE Spurting Out Ink), I urge you to give them another chance with this, one of my favorite albums.

Photo Credit: photo by Grazie, davvero.


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