My Favorite Fake Albums

This album, which the otter introduced to me, was the one that got me listening to the likes of Camera Obscura and Belle and Sebastian. The Mayfair Set’s 2000 album, They Ask No Questions, They Pass No Criticisms was, and I think still is, a twee masterpeice. It’s actually hard to compare it to other works in the genre; it’s more focused that B & S’s Fold Your Hands Child, but more diverse than Camera Obscura’s Let’s Get Out Of This Country. There were no singles from They Ask No Questions, but any of the songs, especially ‘Work Like a Dog” could have been. Singer Francis McFaeden lisps his way through 9 of these tracks, though Fiona Lassiter, the band’s viola player, sings on “Believed to be Seen” and the heartbreaking “Like a Bubble.” This album is a departure from the sparsely produced Too Few Human Beings, in that the band captures that “Wall of Sound” that McFaeden always claimed to aspire to in interviews but failed to deliver.

I noticed that this one has just been reissued on 180 gram vinyl. I HIGHLY reccomend it to anyone who reads my blog.

Photo Credit: _DP_

3 Responses to “My Favorite Fake Albums”

  1. mercury727 Says:

    stone cold classic!

  2. If this is really a ‘fake’ album… (and I’m not 100% that I understand the meme yet) but if this album doesn’t exist, that write up was brilliant.

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