Should We Talk About the Weather?

Last Night, the apocalypse happened. The power died across the city. Winds tore the trees right from their roots. The skies flashed with the sparks from exploding transformers.

The only think that would have made it cooler would have been zombies.

Hurricane Ike migrated north and hit Ohio like…a hurricane. I was in Hartville, at a friends house, when the trees started falling. After the storm died, the otter and I made our way back home across the wastland of blackened streetlights and fallen trees. It was anarchy. Cars blew through the powerless traffic lights, and winds blue debris accross the roads.

We made it to a Giant Eagle for some things for my mother. Giant Eagle had left their doors open so that the glass wouldn’t be blown out by the wind. Inside, several display standshad been knocked over, and leaves and branches were scattered on the floor. We went straight for the medicine aisle to get something for my mother, and was almost run into by a woman, buying ice cream, who did not seem to see me. She lumbered in front of me, and when I tried to go around her, she turned and almost hit me.

Perhaps the zombie apocalypse had begun.

Anyway, I got home, and my power was out. Fortunately, it came back on about 1am. Some of my friends won’t have power for 4 or 5 days.

So…did you get hit by Ike? Comment below!


7 Responses to “Should We Talk About the Weather?”

  1. What the crap? Did I miss something? I got home yesterday afternoon, and it was nice out. Then I crashed to unjetlag myself, and apparently slept through all this chaos you’re describing. I woke up this morning, and it’s nice out. We never lost power, and everything seems peachy. It would seem the apocalypse has spotty reception.

  2. Nope, no Ike up here, but thanks to your description, I feel I’ve been there. Or he’s been here. Or I”ve been where he’s been, or whatever.

  3. UncleTigger Says:

    Do you guys normally cop it from storms like that?.
    We get cyclones ( southern hemisphere equivalent to your hurricane, circles the other way around ) every year regular as clockwork, because of being a long chain of narrow islands in the middle of the pacific.
    I think because we are further from the equator, they can’t ever have quite as much energy as a west-indies Hurricane.

    I would have thought you were too far inland Jay, to really cop it.

    I wonder if someone would shoot you, if you had of cos-played last night in Zombie get-up?.


  4. Honestly, Avvie, I wasn’t too worried about the storm. It did knock the power out all over the place, and the city wasn’t prepared fpr it, so my friends won’t have power until the end of the week.

    However, for next time it happens, I am buying a zombie costume!

  5. Power was out to 59% of our county and Ohio was called a “state of emergency” from this. Several schools closed due to no electricity. Problem was they had sent most of our AEP repair workers to FL and they had to turn around and come back here. Many downed trees and intersection lights out still 3 days later. We don’t usually see it this bad from a Southern Hurricane but we do get our tornado season.

  6. Benjamin Rogers Says:

    Dude, I’m in Columbus and we got cracked. Lost trees and power for awhile. Still have one co-worker without power. If you like zombies check out my blog at I’m writing a novel called Templar Evasion!


  7. Hurricanes that start zombie holocausts… I think you’re onto something there Jay!

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