Learning to habla spanish

I’ve decided, quite at random, to learn spanish. Or is it Spanish? I can never remember if languages get capitalized. Anyway, I’ve just started, so the only thing’s I’ve learned are:

* That upside-down punctuation can go in the middle of a sentence
* That “v” is pronounced as a “b.” I’m having trouble wrapping my tongue around that.
* That I can not roll my “r”s. At all. Does anyone know if that cripples me?

I’m learning from a book that comes with cassette tapes, which I think will be better than a class because I can go at my own pace. Wish me luck!

4 Responses to “Learning to habla spanish”

  1. Good luck, you probably can’t roll the “r” because of me. I can’t roll an “r” either but your Dad can, sorry.

  2. UncleTigger Says:

    Buena suerte usted asesino joven del zombi ! 😛

  3. Hola. Uno, dos, tres . . . lunes, martes, miercoles . . . enero, febrero . . . tomate, fresa, duranzo . . .

    I’m just started taking beginning spanish myself in an adult school class, and after three weeks I can count, tell time and know the names of some fruits. One of these weeks we’ll learn to construct a sentence.

    Bueno lucko.

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