The Vice Presidential Debate: Biden vs. Palin

Well, I watched the debate last night, and it didn’t change my opinion at all. Here are a few thoughts I had afterwards, though:

* If I hear the word “Maverick” one more time, someone is getting punched directly in the face.
* Biden needs to lay off the Botox.
* Both candidates are liars.
* Biden was being too nice, but the “bridge to nowhere” line was awesome.
* Palin does condescending well, all things considered.
* I liked Pain’s “Same-Sex marriage” answer slightly more, mainly because Biden said he wanted to leave it up to individuals and their faith. This assumes that all faiths are against same-sex marriage. (It should be noted that I disagree with both of them on this issue. Same-sex marriage should be allowed. Period.)

So, what did you guys think?


15 Responses to “The Vice Presidential Debate: Biden vs. Palin”

  1. I didn’t see the debates, but I love your thorough political analysis. I’m all for anyone being punched directly in the face, and I’m all for same-sex marriage. Looks like we agree on all fronts.
    Couldn’t Palin be punched directly in the face just for fun????

  2. Seems mother and son are in total agreement here.
    Can I be the one to punch Palin? Would be better for a woman to do it.

  3. UncleTigger Says:

    I am recently become of the opinion, much as it isn’t popular down here, that we people who are not actually eligible to vote by reasons of birthplace ought to have learnt our lesson the last two times, and, not have an opinion now.

    (Because I am CERTAIN SURE that everyone AND the French loudly saying last time ” THE MAN IS AN IDIOT, YOU CAN’T RE-ELECT HIM ! ” ensured that he would be. No one likes to be told what to do by the neighbours, ESPECIALLY if they are right.

    “Clip your hedge, it is shading my herb garden!”

    ‘WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER ! ! ! ‘. ) 😛

    I just hope who ever you elect does something about your economy. Something other than Annex Canada.

  4. Regardless of Biden’s actual position, it was smart of him to say that he was not in support of same-sex marriage. OMG, that would rile people and their bibles up. That’s not a safe position to have yet (and yes, that’s very ridiculous).

    Palin TOLERATES the gays. She’s such a maverick. Golly.

    I thought Biden came across as a fairly likable and human, Palin as a well-prepared femme bot.

    If Biden was tough on Palin or condescending, I think the debate would have hurt the democrats. Commentators wouldn’t be talking about the issues they discussed, they’d be talking about sexism.

  5. UncleTigger Says:


    Palin the Femme-bot!.


  6. Palin could’ve been perfect and waved a magic wand that instantly fixed the economy and brought the troops home from Iraq, and most of you still would’ve wanted to uppercut her in her big chin.

    It’s a bandwagon everyone seems to be on to say the same exact thing about Palin…and the rather crazy part is that everyone thinks they’re funny and clever saying it. The arrogant attitude of liberals this election year is unbelievable. They’re all acting as if anyone who votes Republican is complete scum and doesn’t have a brain. Anyone who votes against the first term Senator who has run nothing and accomplished almost nothing is an idiot? Seems a bit strange to me.

    And on that note, I still love you Jason. Socialist or not 🙂

  7. UncleTigger Says:

    You know, that is the reassuring thing about the frightening level of rancour that appears like clockwork in the USA’s politcal life.
    You love him anyway. You guys have your 4 yearly “hate” on one another, but your Kennedys still happily marry your Scwartsneggers.

    In SOME other countries it is unthinkably like bestiality or even worse, for a right-winger to love a socialist, or vice versa.

    Here in the Peoples Republic of New Zealand in fact, if I were to say outright that I loved a Tory regardless of his ( from the lefts point of view ) anti-society political beliefs , . . . . . *tsk tsk* “off to the re-education camps for YOU, comrade”.


  8. Nicely put, youse twos!

    Really, though, if you ask anyone who knows me, I don’t hate Palin, and I don’t love Obama.

    With Palin, I just don’t think she comes off as someone who should be second in line for the presidency. Obama, despite his lack of experience, seems to know what he’s doing. However, I would MUCH rather be voting for Kucinich right now!

    The fact is, as much as Democrats and Republicans fight, there’s really not that much difference between the two parties. The Republicans are on the right, and the Democrats are a little less to the right. Both parties are in the pockets of various lobbyists, and both parties, and the presidential and vice presidential candidates, have yet to run an honest campaign. pretty much the only reason I am registered Democrat is that I can (usually) vote for Kucinich in the primaries.

  9. UncleTigger Says:

    One of our main TV journalists is up in Alaska this morning, he went along to an event held for each party. INTERESTINGLY the one for the Democrats was an Obama rally. And the one for the Republicans was a PALIN rally, but, Americans don’t VOTE for the V.P. do they?. lol.

    I just this minute saw him do two interviews, and the two interviwees, one official from each camp, could not very well be more different people.
    The D. was an Alaskan person whom you could have believed was a Kiwi, or an Aussie or a Pom, just as much as she was obviously an American by her accent. Larconic, straight forward, no hyperbole, seemed like a human. Asked if it was colder than Paul (our guy) expected compared to Auckland.

    The other the R. , just as Alaskan, was false. No other word is more apt.
    Showy, gushing, glossing over anything to STAY ON MESSAGE, absolute flights of hyperbole, dressed like a show pony at 8 am. Would not, could not be mistook for other than a USA political flack. Thought our bloke was from Australia.

    And it occured to me the stereotypical voter for either side wouldn’t have it any other way, am I right?.

    ONLY in America can I imagine people in their tens of thousands getting out of bed at 6 am to attend a rally. lol. You guys loves you some politics it seems from outside.

  10. 1) Did you watch the latest SNL skit? I’m paraphrasing here: “And for those Joe Sixpacks of you out there playing a drinking game while watching this debate: maverick! *wink*”
    2) Botox? Hmm. Maybe, but he’s got an amazing smile. I had a big fat crush on ol’ Joe Biden by the end of the debate.
    3) True, but one far more than the other.
    4) He had to be too nice. If he wasn’t, you know everyone on the right would be screaming, “Sexism!!!” (Which, interestingly enough, is a concept they didn’t even believe in when Hillary Clinton was in the race.)
    5) I was amazed to see how condescending she was. How can you be condescending when you are being so thoroughly beaten??
    6) Yeah, I was disappointed by the same-sex marriage answers. I know that it would’ve been political suicide for Joe to say he supported same-sex marriage, but god, I sure wish that wasn’t the case. I’d be OK with not allowing same-sex marriage if we get rid of state-sanctioned marriage altogether and have civil unions for everybody.

  11. To the person above me:

    4) This is what bothers me about people picking and choosing what and who they attack. Palin (nor anyone on the McCain-Palin ticket or the mdia) has once claimed anything related to sexism or given any indication that they would scream “Sexism!” This would be like me or any other Republican saying, Well you can’t say anything about Obama or he’ll scream “Racism!!” And the funny part is that he HAS played the race card once or twice in this election.

    The whole thing is just very hypocritical.

    5) Again, I think this is interpreted based on how you feel about Palin going into the debate. Her supporters see it as confidence and wit. Her opponents see it as condescending. Personally I didn’t see it as either one really. I tried to go into the debate with an open mind and I think it was basically a no-damage tie.

  12. Scott,

    I saw her as condescending at times, but I mean that as a compliment. I think that a lot of people though she was going to be a deer in the headlights, but she wasn’t.

    And honestly, I think that Biden was soft on her because he has a reputation for being cocky and abrasive, so I think he was trying to deflect some of that criticism.


    The drinking game comment was funny because I actually knew the rules to the game she was talking about! It had things like “take a drink if she says Hockey Mom” and “Take one whenever Biden refers to himself in 3rd person.”

    Scott again:

    I agree that it was a no-damage tie.

  13. Hi Scott!
    I don’t really have anything to comment on…
    I just wanted an excuse to correspond on my new (to me) laptop! 🙂

  14. Oh, Scott, my Mom says hi too. That’s almost as good as her twin Sarah Palin saying hello.

  15. Tell her I said hi back. And enjoy your new-ish laptop. Haha.

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