A sneak preview of my Halloween costume…

I went to a Halloween party this weekend, before I got sick. The bad news is that I only remembered to take a few pictures, and it was my mom’s camera, so I didn’t take any great ones (I mean that I’m unfamiliar with the camera, that that it’s a bad camera). I did get one taken of me, in my costume. So here it is.

I hope to have more pics when I do Kent on Halloween.


6 Responses to “A sneak preview of my Halloween costume…”

  1. Oh that’s great.

  2. What font is that on the photo? I should recognize it, but I’m still too overwhelmed by recent events to think clearly.

  3. Futura. I think it’s specifically Futura Md Bold. It’s the font Wes Anderson uses in his movies.

  4. Its the Md Bold I needed to know. To you sir, I say ‘word.’

  5. Far too cool.

  6. Hi, Handsome.

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