An open letter to President-Elect Obama

Dear President Elect Obama,

You did it. In my father’s lifetime (hell, even when he was first able to vote), we have gone from African Americans being barred from voting in some states to an African American president. In one lifetime, so much has changed. For the first time since the mass hysteria and mindless patriotism that came out of 9/11, I am not embarassed to call myself an American.

However, as you know, the work is not done. There are so many Americans who have looked to you with an almost religeous devotion as a symbol of hope. Of change. This is what you promised us.

Many other presidents have made promises, too. Bush claimed he was going to be a great unifier. A uniter, not a divider. We all know how that went.

I’ll keep this short, though. You’ve got things to do. Just let me ask you, no, beg you: do not let us down. You have been handed the reins to this country, a democratic congress, and a democratic senate. I know that congessional Democrats have been pretty ineffectual, but they should work with you. You have no excuse for getting this wrong.

Look, I’m not asking you to fix all of our problems. I’m not asking you to do everything so said you wanted to do. I’m just saying do not go back on your promises.

Thank you,

Jason Novak


5 Responses to “An open letter to President-Elect Obama”

  1. I haven’t been embarrassed to be an American, except once for 20 minutes. I’m actually now worried that the far left elements of the Democratic party will go and fuck this up and that the Republicans will just be obstructionist. Dennis is on board for the real issues though. I’m still for the audacity of hope. I hope ideologues on both sides get pushed to the side.

  2. See, I really don’t think of many on the Democratic party as “far left.” They’re more “slightly right of center.” My concern would be the more corrupt elements using this as an opportunity to get funding for whatever pork projects they have.

  3. No offense, but considering how far left you are, your parallax view doesn’t surprise me.

  4. Ha! Democrats look like Libertarians from over here!

  5. Are you ready to embrace Luthorism yet?

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