NaNoWriMo, Day 5

Ok, so today is actually day six, but the day had just begun, so I’ve nothing to say yet.

I will say that yesterday, I tried writing from work, but I’m a popular tutor, so even when we’re not busy, I end up working with several people in a row. In other words, I got about 100 words from work.

The good news is I managed about 1900 words when I got home. That puts me at 9065, or about 600 words ahead of schedule. And it’s not all crap. I liked this bit:

Driving past the part, he was again amazed at how the world was recovering. So many lives had been lost during the plague; he would have bet that every one of these people in the park, from the kids playing on the swing set to the white guy with the dreadlocks playing disc golf, had known someone who was killed in the outbreak, or even worse, who had returned to life afterwards. Yet here these people were, living the lives that they had basically already been living before the world ended. Is it a testament to man’s resiliency, Carl thought, or to his ability to live in denial.

He supposed both were the case. Man’s ability to forget the past may have doomed him to repeat it, but it also made it possible to get on after hard times, such as the first world war. The Holocaust.

The Zombie Plague.

They key to getting this much done, I’ve found to my surprise is

1) I outlined the next couple of events the night before, and
2) I listen to instrumental surf rock. I get a lot done when that’s playing.

In light of the second discovery, I want to recommend to everyone the album Shots in the Dark, which is a collection of Henry Mancini songs played as surf rock.

4 Responses to “NaNoWriMo, Day 5”

  1. Put some zombie fighting luchadors in it.

  2. I never got that picture!

  3. Oddly enough, I have found myself looking forward to reading the next part of this story each day!

  4. Check your rocketmail, it looks like it was sent ok on my end. I don’t have a bounceback or anything.

    I want to read it too, when there are luchadors in it.

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