NoNoWriMo, Day 18

Still tired. This weather has really just made me want to sleep.

Still plugging away at NaNoWriMo. As of yesterday, I was ahead by 2 words. I am a little upset that
1)Word’s wordcounter is much more strict than Openoffice’s wordcounter.
2)NaNoWriMo’s counter even more strict.

My 30,450 words became 30,044. Then, to add insult to…um…insult, it became 30008. My wordcount on the side widget is the official count right now, as per NaNoWriMo’s counter.



2 Responses to “NoNoWriMo, Day 18”

  1. virtual hippe Says:

    Thanks for the tip on NaNo’s word counter. Keep at it. I found that 30K space a drag, but shortly thereafter, things really change and you will be on the 50K before you know it. Good luck

  2. Thanks for the 30,000 word drag advice. I just hit that yesterday.

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